Thursday, 25 August 2016

A Day on Royal Caribbean's Navigator of the Seas Cruise Ship

Royal Caribbean Navigator of the Seas cruise ship

I am well versed with planes. I know the protocol; I know where the life jacket is stored and to handle turbulence. I'm good with planes.
Um. Not exactly.
For some reason I can get my head around a big chunk of metal being able to fly, but have you seen the size of a cruise ship?! Getting that thing to float is physics that I just cannot comprehend, but I forgot about the science once we were on board and instead attempted to process my surroundings.

Royal Caribbean's Navigator of the Seas is essentially a small town on the water. Straight down the middle is a shopping street, flanked by bars and restaurants that would put most high streets to shame. Forgot to pack your sun cream? They've got it. Fancy a freshly baked cookie? Sorted. Want to send a postcard? They'll make that happen for you.

Royal Caribbean's Navigator of the Seas Cruise Ship

Royal Caribbean's Navigator of the Seas Cruise Ship

Royal Caribbean's Navigator of the Seas Cruise Ship

My concern with going on a cruise would be the long periods of time between destinations. If I got too bored I'd get cabin fever and pay far too much attention to the fact that I wouldn't be able to get off, but the five hours Claire, Katy and I had to explore almost wasn't enough. We started with mini golf (where I lost spectacularly) and explored the numerous pools, sun loungers and the surfing machine on the top deck. And the bar, because easy access to a cocktail whilst sunbathing is absolutely essential.

Royal Caribbean's Navigator of the Seas Cruise Ship

Royal Caribbean's Navigator of the Seas Cruise Ship

Royal Caribbean's Navigator of the Seas Cruise Ship

Mini golf on Royal Caribbean's Navigator of the Seas Cruise Ship

Surfing machine on Royal Caribbean's Navigator of the Seas Cruise Ship

The ship is all about luxury. The gym with giant jacuzzi and treadmills facing out into the ocean; the spa with a hairdressers and massage tables, the cinema, THE LIBRARY. I'd worry that I couldn't escape whoever I was travelling with as I have to have my own space even when abroad, but I wouldn't just escape here, I'd get damn right lost!

Dining room at Royal Caribbean's Navigator of the Seas Cruise Ship

Cinema at Royal Caribbean's Navigator of the Seas Cruise Ship

But it's not all play. I am very apprehensive about sleeping on a ship. I've only done it once before (from Tasmania to Melbourne) and I drank a hefty amount of red wine to get me through it. But the rooms on Navigator of the Seas are hotel standard, not dorms. The suites are enormous (one even had a grand piano in it!), and they're perfect for families or friends to share.

Royal Caribbean's Navigator of the Seas Cruise Ship

Royal Caribbean's Navigator of the Seas Cruise Ship

Royal Caribbean's Navigator of the Seas Cruise Ship

Royal Caribbean's Navigator of the Seas Cruise Ship

Royal Caribbean's Navigator of the Seas Cruise Ship

I think I could get nicely settled on a sun lounger on my own private balcony as I sail towards somewhere new...

I was invited to explore Navigator of the Seas as a guest of Royal Caribbean. All opinions are my own.


Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Added Extras #39

Weekly uk lifestyle blogger round-up

I've been saying for the last few months that I'd be feeling more myself once I got back to London and I was not wrong. This week I've been able to live life like normal: my belongings are all in one place, I'm not reliant on anybody to get me from A to B and I can socialise without having to rush off to get a train. And my commute is now 25 minutes instead of 90 and it is as close to bliss as rush hour on the northern line will allow. It's been a good week, but here's my highlights:

1) I had a whole day off to unpack and my room feels homely and cosy and I love it! I have a load of other ideas to get it looking exactly how I want it but I'm just going to keep peeking into shops and markets as I go and update it over time.

2) Um, I got fricking nominated for a blogging award. WHAT?! I'm still not really sure how that happened to be honest. It's so exciting though and I can't wait to head up to Leeds on 1st October for the ceremony! I'd love it if you vote for me as Best Travel Blog, votes are open now!

3) I went to a Walking Dead themed dinner in a creepy old wine cellar which involved getting made up as a zombie. It's a good look, right?

Zombie make up walking dead

4) The lovely guys at All Sole sent me an awesome pair of Ugg boots, but not the ones you'd expect. They have the classic sheepskin lining but the outerwear is tough and waterproof and the perfect replacement for my Miu Miu biker boots which have died a death.

5) Claire and I went to the Chinese Food Festival this weekend which was right on the Thames with a beautiful view of Tower Bridge. We had dim sum and some insane bubble waffles that threw me right into a sugar coma.

Bubble waffles outside Tower Bridge in London

6) I forced myself to go to the gym for the first time in two weeks and made it to a spinning class, the first one I'd been to by myself. I felt so much better afterwards which I still can't quite believe because I generally fail at exercise every time I do anything.

7) My Friction Free Shaving subscription has started and I am loving it so far. £7 for four razor heads, delivered to me every month so I never have to worry about running out of razors again. Genius idea!

Friction Free Shaving subscription service

8) I had a lie in on Sunday for the first time in over a week and it was so needed.

9) After five months of untamed tresses, I made it to my hairdresser and I feel like me again! Here's a rather fetching mid-cut selfie which makes me look like I should be in Crufts.

Frizzy hair at the hairdressers

10) Sunday was filled with so many of my favourite things: food at Dishoom, hanging out with the Bangarang crew, taking photos of street art and drinking craft beer. What an absolute belter.

Lunch at Dishoom Shoreditch

Fashion blogger shooting in Shoreditch
Pic by AJ

11) The invite for the wedding of the YEAR arrived! I'm a bridesmaid in December for one of my best best best friends and I am SO excited about it!!

12) I treated myself to a few bits from NYX after finally being able to make it to a Boots that has one of the new counters in store.

Nyx setting spray, lip cream and liquid suede

I'm off to Dublin over bank holiday to visit my favourite cousin so make sure you're following me on Instagram for pics and stories of the Emerald Isle!


Monday, 22 August 2016

Autumn/Winter Coats Wish List (because summer is over already)

Autumn Coats AW16

Top L - R: Phase Eight Puffer Coat, McQ Alexander McQueen Pink Crepe Coat, Warehouse Asymmetric Belted Coat
Bottom L - R: Therapy Suede Trench Coat, Creenstone Wool Overcoat, River Island Faux Suede Panel Coat

The weather this weekend was shocking. I wore a jumper and a jacket, but went mad and threw on sandals to lure out the sunshine and well, it didn't work in my favour. So clearly autumn is coming and I cannot wait. I dress so well for colder months; I love layers and boots and coats. Coats most of all though and my staple for the last few winters has officially fallen apart and needs replacing. I can't decide what type I want though.

I want all of the ones above. They're not all exactly in my budget *cough* McQueen *cough*, but they give me an idea of what I should be looking for. I love a classic trench and the suede one from Therapy is fricking divine, but then that River Island panel one is ticking all the 70s vibes I love - I can see myself wearing it whilst wandering around a Christmas market clutching a pretentious coffee and being so toasty warm.

There is something about colder weather that makes me want to wear more colour (maybe it's the same thing that makes me wear lots of black in summer...), but I know that really bold pieces aren't necessarily going to be right to wear every day. Buuuuuuut I don't care and I want them. How happy would the commuters of the northern line be when I rock up on a Monday in a bright pink crepe coat to brighten up their morning? Well, probably not as happy as I would be because it's Alexander McQueen and I would be buzzing to wear it, but it's perky regardless! And the Creenstone violet blue overcoat is so European city break chic. I'd wear it with heeled boots and black skinny jeans with a cross body handbag that's too small to hold anything over the top. 

But if I'm being sensible and going for my standard palette of black and grey, I am a huge convert of the puffer. When they resurfaced last year I was agog, but I bought a cropped version, moved on to a short jacket version and sod it, now I want the full blown thing. I love the high neck on this Phase Eight one and to be honest, I love a high neck on any coat. I'm one of those bury my face in material and ignore the world when the weather turns, so the Warehouse asymmetric coat ticks that box too, and as it's short it's ideal for autumn AND winter. 

I think I've basically just talked myself into buying six coats for next season. Oops..

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