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Everything You Need to Know About Finding the Northern Lights in Iceland

Travel blogger in the snow

It's difficult when the highest thing on your sightseeing list in a particular country isn't something you can just waltz up to and take a photo of. The whole reason I wanted to visit Iceland was to get a glimpse of the elusive Northern Lights, and I was overwhelmed by the advice online about how to see them. So we doubled up on our efforts, deciding to DIY it and also book a tour for another night too. I came away with a clear preference of how to hunt for the Northern Lights, and this is what to keep in mind when planning your trip:

How I Show My Love of Travel in My Home Decor

First row: Cork globe / Hand painted globe / Wooden globe
Second row: Upcycled vintage plate / Embroidery loop / Enamel mug
Third row: Reykjavik skyline print / Mickey Mouse Christmas decoration / Oui Madame print
Fourth row: Pressed silver fern / Jamaica bamboo tray / Kakapo print

Do you swear, every year, that THIS year will be the year that you have a calm December? I absolutely do and then always end up laughing at how positively stupid I must be, because the last 31 days of every.single.year are always mental. In 2015, I had jury service, quit my job and went to Berlin. In 2016, I was a bridesmaid at a wedding and randomly decided to go to South Africa. And 2017? 16 days before Christmas, I'm moving house.

How to Survive an Early Flight When You HATE Mornings

Queen of Naps jumper

When you're on a constant quest to travel as much as possible, budget airlines are the answer to curing your wanderlust without bankrupting yourself. However, an affordable flight often means departing at an unholy hour of the morning. It's the ultimate internal conflict for this holiday-hungry night owl, but just like when I'm flying long-haul, I now have a routine that gets me through the pain of a 4am alarm.

An Indian Brunch at Cinnamon Bazaar, Covent Garden

An Indian Brunch at Cinnamon Bazaar, Covent Garden

Brunch in London can be a stressful affair. The city's obsession means you often need to book weeks in advance or queue with the masses to get your bacon and bellini fix. On a rare, quiet Sunday, our only plans were to hit up TK Maxx for some thermal socks for our upcoming trip to Iceland, and wondering through Covent Garden I was surprised to see Cinnamon Bazaar looking relatively empty. It's been on my to-eat list for a while, so I ditched plans of seeking out French toast and went in.

Why We Should All Visit Places of Political Importance Abroad

Hiroshima peace park

When you travel to a new destination, what do you want to see? Nature at its finest, incredible cityscapes, traditional ways of living, maybe some local art? Travel makes me happy and experiencing the unknown is always where I'd rather be, but what about experiencing the cold hard truth about the history of the country you're in? To be a well-behaved tourist and an ethical global citizen, I believe it is my responsibility to know the background of where I am, even if it makes for an uncomfortable visit.

An Afternoon at The British Library for Harry Potter: A History of Magic

Outside The British Library for Harry Potter: A History of Magic

It's hard to believe that Harry Potter has been a part of my life for 20 years; my love of the series has spanned a time longer than most of my non-familial relationships, and conjures memories of late-night binge-reading under-the-duvet way past my bedtime and being OBSESSED when the next volume was due to be published.
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