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Life: Turning 24

Bird print dress from Matalan
Another year, another 20th September. The day is very special to me not just because it's my birthday, but it's also my mum's, and we always spend it celebrating together. In fact last year my niece was also born on the 20th, so now it's even more important!

We had a very leisurely day with a trip to the cinema to see The Sweeney, (which was full of swearing, sex and violence - a recommended Brit flick if you want something you don't really have to concentrate on!) and followed by my favourite curry, which I'm going to post the recipe to soon as I eat it at least once a fortnight.

At the weekend we had loads of family and friends round for a celebration which involved a LOT of food, and a cake for both me and my mum made by my aunt:

The cakes even came with impressive sparkler candles, which I got rather excited about as you can see! 

Both birthday girls blowing out candles!
The weather was freezing, but we BBQ'd until late, and nursed Sangria hangovers with bacon sandwiches in the morning. A pretty great birthday all in all!

Explore: Costa Brava, Spain

With finishing university and having to grow up and get a job and all that kind of stuff, I haven't had the time or money to have a proper holiday abroad. But finally, I got sorted and found a great bargain online to the Costa Brava in Spain. If you're looking for a cheap and cheerful break in the sun I really recommend the area we went to: Calella de Palafrugell. About 1.5hrs drive from Barcelona it has quiet, clean beaches, quaint  restaurants and of course, sunshine!

This isn't a place to go if you want loads of things to do, it's a place to relax, sleep and chill out which is exactly what I needed!

We did break away from the beach on a slightly cooler day and go up to the Jardin Botanic del Cap Roig (botanical gardens for those who don't speak Spanish!) which were beautiful and had amazing views over the Mediterranean sea.

As we were at a small town by the sea we mainly ate fish and seafood. This was a regular sight at dinner time:

Now I've got a tan and have spent a week sitting down I feel so much more relaxed and healthy. Hopefully it won't be two years until the next one!

What I Wore to...the Costa Brava, Spain

For the first time in 2 years I hit the beach and made my way over to the Costa Brava in Spain with my boyfriend. I'll put some pics up soon as it's a really beautiful place and a massive bargain getaway, but first here's a round-up of my favourite Instagram outfit posts from the trip:

My big sister donated this denim Alexander McQueen playsuit - my first piece of designer clothing!

Zara silk trousers and Topshop Boutique vest

Next tunic

ASOS shorts and H&M vest (with ASOS bikini poking out the top!)

An old favourite: Primark horse print playsuit

H&M crop top and River Island high-waisted denim short
For all of my holiday outfits check out my Instagram feed.

Explore: Bestival 2012

After a flooded tent put a dampener on my Bestival experience last year, I swore I wouldn't go back. But it turned out that I'd have to go with work this year which I was initially skeptical because of 2011's wash-out, however Bestival 2012 was amazing! The weather, the company, the whole experience was brilliant, and even though I had to work I managed to experience  lot of the bizarre and wonderful things going on around the site as well as see a few of my favourite bands.

My highlights include:

  • The surprise performance by Gary Numan on Thursday night
  • Rummaging in the Oxfam second-hand tent
  • Watching the insane circle pit for Scroobius Pip
  • Seeing the wide array of insane and clever Wildlife themed costumes
  • Eating loads of different food including Wagamama, crepes, Meat Liquor burgers and sweet potato fries
  • Having an impromptu glowstick fuelled rave in the Ambient Forest
  • Watching the absolutely insane Wall of Death
  • Playing Musical Bingo and dancing the hand jive up on stage 
  • Singing very loudly to Stevie Wonder
I'm a converted Bestival fan and will definitely be going next year even if I don't go with work again!

Me with Pink Julep and Alex Loves


Gary Numan

Two Door Cinema Club


My colleague Simon and I accidentally matched our outfits on the first day!

Scroobius Pip

The Wall of Death!

Ashley from Pink Julep in her amazing penguin onesie!

Fashion: Winging It

I found these chained collar tips in New Look's amazing buy one get one free offer on all jewellery last weekend. They were a snip at £4.99. I've been trying to update my accessories as my clothes are getting out of hand, but I can still squeeze in a few shiny trinkets!

They really perk up a relatively boring outfit of shirt and jeans for the office don't you think?

Purse Palpitations Week #5

Starting to think about my A/W wardrobe but I have a holiday before then too. These things are currently top of my list:

I think I'm going to have to get this as my holiday beach bag. It's so colourful! £16.99 from Mango

Houndstoothtastic £24.99 from New Look

Gloriously tacky. Definitely need it. £2.26 from Dollarjewlery on Etsy.

Love that gothic is coming in for AW12. This is top of my list so far. £38 from Topshop
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