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Music: Amanda Palmer at Koko

Yeah yeah, I know what you're thinking. Do I ever go and see any other musician EXCEPT Amanda Palmer? The answer is probably, 'No'. This is the 3rd glitter fuelled, hilariously ridiculous outing to see Ms Palmer and her Grand Theft Orchestra and every time I'm floored by her vision, her passion, and how somehow she can always move me to tears.

Also, everyone who goes always looks amazing. There's everything from steam punk fetishists to drag queens, so I brought out my favourite metallic skirt to keep up with the shimmyness!

Top: Missguided
Skirt: Vintage
Satchel: Urban Outfitters

Ring: Topshop
Nail varnish: Hayley's Comet by Models Own
As ever, AFP was amazing. Her guests included her husband, author Neil Gaiman, with a cabaret 'sawchestra', the incredible Scroobius Pip, and the ever fabulous Richard O'Brien - dressed as a woman and sang the Time Warp!

Yep, that's Amanda Palmer's skirt trailing over the audience. Beautiful.

Beauty: Saks Hairdressing Training Academy

I have the most ridiculous hair. It's most definitely not straight, it's more than wavy, and there's no way it's afro. I'm half British, half Jamaican, and as a result I have these gravity defying curls that love nothing better than to be frizzy and try to escape from my head. It also means that getting a haircut is as terrifying for me as visiting the dentist is for others.

Cut too much off and it bounces right on up, not enough and it pulls itself down. If it's cut the same length the whole way around I risk looking like a mushroom, and let's face it, that's not a great look. Since moving to London I haven't found a hairdresser I can trust, but I keep going back to Saks Academy in Covent Garden.

It's one of the top hairdresser schools in the country, the trainees are almost fully qualified and are supervised entirely by some of the best hairdressers around. I've now been 4 times and I have never been disappointed. 

Here's the before and after:

I've been given an undercut! And a side parting! It's amazing! It's made me re-love my hair, and the best bit? It only cost £10. Such a massive bargain. Of course that means it gets busy weeks in advance, so be prepared to have to go during the week. They also do beauty treatments which I haven't tried yet, but I'm definitely going to book into something soon!

Shopping: A Personal Print

I know, I know, it's not even been Halloween yet, but Christmas is about to whiz round and I need to start stocking up on presents. I love buying things for people, and the more personal the better - I'm not a fan of getting everyone a standard smellies set or box of chocolates. 

For my mum's birthday this year I got her a personalised print from Not on the High Street, full of things that make our family great.

Luckily she loved it! It now hangs on the wall in the lounge of my parents' house, and will remind me whenever I visit of why I love going home so much.

Let me know if you buy personalised gifts anywhere - I'm always looking out for new sites!

Explore: #LookScary at London Dungeons

I'd just like to say I love my job. Mainly because I get to be arrange fun things like this Halloween event for O2 called #LookScary, and dress up like a dead school girl for the evening. Really. In fact, the whole lot of us got busy with the fake blood and donned some fangs for it. We win all the amazing team awards:

And yes, that's a pencil in my head. Can't see it? Here you go:

Shirt and tie: Primark,
Skirt and necklace: vintage
The London Dungeons are amazing, and pretty gruesome! The actors there were fantastic at jumping out at people and making them scream - even me, and I'd been to visit loads of times in the run up to the event.

I'm really pleased with how my outfit turned out as it was very last minute! The pencil in the head look is one of the looks created by O2 for the launch of the Blackberry Red phone, and you can see the tutorial on how to do it here. It's so easy and so effective, I'll definitely be doing it again!

Me with the fabulous Pink Julep
Some of the lovely blogger guests that came along including Sophie (Story of My Life) and Sarah (A Million Dresses)

Purse Palpitations Week #7

Getting into the spirit of Halloween slightly earlier with this week's Purse Palpitations - channeling my inner goth. My 14 year old self would be so proud!
I have so many chunky knits, but somehow I haven't got a black one. This is mine come payday.
£45 Topshop
Oh good god, punk cutlery. This is all shades of bloody amazing.
£5.99 - £7.99 per item Zara Home
This and my stripy blazer are just meant to be together
£7.99 New Look
I would wear this all year round!
£27.23 Romwe

Fashion: In a Galaxy Far, Far Away...

Well not that far away actually. Galaxy prints are all over the high street right now and I lovelovelove them. My housemate and I are (not-so) secret sci-fi geeks and over the last couple of weeks we've both debuted our galaxy print items in smart and casual situations.

I wore my leggings on a bog standard Saturday afternoon to wander to the supermarket. With my big fluffy vintage jumper I was so cosy!

Jumper: Vintage
Shirt: Bershka
Leggings: New Look
Trainers: Primark
Ring: Spitalfields Market
Nail art tutorial can be found here.
And how amazing does my housemate look in this peplum galaxy print top with sequin leggings for my birthday drinks the other week? Stars and sparkle = perfect combination!

Top: New Look
Leggings: Topshop
Shoes: New Look
Clutch: Irregular Choice

Beauty: Attempting Marble Nail Art

I've been watching YouTube tutorials and looking at Pinterest pictures of marble nail art for a while now, and well, it looked like a piece of cake. I settled down with my housemate the other night and decided to give it a go as it didn't looks to difficult. So we settled down surrounded by nail varnishes and with cheese and sparkly Marmite to keep us going.

Assuming it wouldn't be too hard was either stupid or the makers of the videos lied because it took us about two hours to get it finished, and this is the best we could do!

Step 1: Paint a pale undercoat and let them dry fully

Step 2: Put tape around each finger to stop any nail varnish getting over your hand (well, that's the aim of it anyway!)

Step 3: Drip a drop of each colour, starting with the lightest ones into a bowl of cold water. The quickest way is to tip the nail varnish straight out of the bottle (which we only discovered at the very end!)

Step 3: Drag the tip of a cocktail stick very lightly over the colours so that they create a swirling marble pattern in the water

Step 4: Place you taped up nail in the middle of the pattern and leave for 10 seconds

Step 5: Gather the rest of nail varnish in the water with the cocktail stick and remove it. It turns into a kind of film so it's easy to get rid of

Step 6: Remove your nail and remove the tape from around it. Hopefully a pattern will be printed!

After they are all done you might just need to tidy up around the edges with a cotton bud dipped in nail varnish remover. Or, if you're me, clean your whole hand. Turns out this isn't the tidiest nail art!

And this was the outcome!

Have you tried this before? If you have any tips on how to make it easier or to get a consistent pattern I'd love to know!

Purse Palpitations Week #6

This is ten times more amazing when you realise it's called 'I'll Have A Bee Please, Bob!'
£16.50 Eclectic Eccentricity
My favourite print on an amazing full skirt
£35 ASOS
I love these earrings. I don't really like dangly earrings but these are big and won't move!
£8 Dolly Bow Bow
Still on the search for the perfect black handbag after my Topshop one broke and I still can't afford my dream Mulberry
£48 Urban Outfitters
What's tempting you in the shops this week?

Explore: Callooh Callay

I do tend to drag my birthday out for as long as I can, it seems a shame that all the fun is over in one day and there's nothing to look forward to until Christmas! I celebrated with my friends with a visit to the cocktail bar Callooh Callay in Shoreditch, which I've read a ton of reviews about and was really excited to head there.

Of course Saturday nights in Shoreditch are always ridiculously busy, and when we arrived we were led through a jam-packed bar to a large wardrobe door. Amazingly we then walked THROUGH the looking glass and into a reservation only area with extravagant mirrors, melting clocks and vintage decanters on the table.

We picked from the extravagant and bizarre cocktail menu which was presented in a cassette tape case called 'Now That's What I Call Cocktails'. I had more than a few Hell in a Highballs which were beyond delicious, and even the Marmageddon which included, you guessed it, Marmite!

Being hidden behind the secret door meant we weren't pummeled in the crowds,we could chat and eat all the delicious mini burgers we could get our hands on. I had a great night and am desperate to see what the VIP Jubjub bar looks like!

What I Wore to...Callooh Callay

Blazer - River Island
Vest - Topshop Boutique
Necklace - ASOS
Printed trousers - Zara
Clutch bag - ASOS
Red stilettos - New Look
I've been playing with different types of black as my bog standard skinny jeans have seen better days. These trousers actually have a jacquard print on them and are a great way of being a slightly fancy basic.

I wore red lipstick and red nails with gold jewellery to add something interesting to a pretty monotone outfit and was pretty pleased with the result! 

Ring - H&M
Watch - Casio
Bracelet - somewhere in Barcelona

My beautiful necklace from a friend for my birthday
Wondering what the hell Callooh Callay is? My next post on Friday is all about it!

Life: September 2012

Fairy poo for sale at Bestival / Bestival prepped nails
Lunch at Ikea! / My beautiful niece Alexa
My new TARDIS mug! / My colleague Simon power napping at Bestival
The Wall of Death / My new Zara necklace

On my way to Bestival! / My birthday presents!
Wool from the Falkland Islands / Lindor. In. A. BAR!!
Office wear award goes to Milly for this Lazy Oaf tee! / My new notebook
Pamper evening in / Fridge magnet Scrabble goes x-rated
Working at Bestival means lots of wristbands / Birthday party prep
The beautiful beach at Llafranc / Holiday shorts from ASOS
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