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Leather and Wool

Winter's well and truly here, but let's be honest, it never leaves England for long. It's all very well getting a winter coat, but cold weather accessories like scarves, hats and gloves are carried around in people's bags well into Spring, just in case.

Last Christmas I got these amazing leather and wool mittens in the Kurt Geiger sale, reduced from £75 to a mere £15. 

I've seen mittens that fold back into gloves many times, but I love that these have a gold zip to keep my fingers warm, and an unobtrusive black popper to hold them back. The contrast of grey leather and red wool always gets them noticed whenever I wear them too.

I can't recommend checking out the Kurt Geiger sale at Christmas as they always have massive reductions. I always just saw them as a shoe retailer (which they are mainly), but their accessories are affordable and not worn to death by everyone else on a high street budget.

Etsy Hunting: Wall Art

There are two blank spaces on the wall in my new flat that I'm getting really frustrated with. They are crying out for something interesting to spice up the place, and not just a standard film/musician poster. Here's a few of my favourites, all Etsy finds, and any help whittling them down is appreciated!

This basically sums up everything I'm interested in, and it's available in loads of colours
£9.60 from AmandaCatherineDes
One of my favourite films of all time, this poster shows how magical it really is
£11.52 from WellsIllustration
Perfect for my lounge where there's more books than space
£13.45 from ParadaCreations
The best til last?! Subtle geekery as I'm supposed to be a grown-up apparently. Want this so much.
£9.60 from EntropyTradingCo

Explore: Oxford St Christmas Lights 2012

Christmas: You either love it or hate it. I'm in the former camp, from tinsel to Mariah Carey - I'm all over Christmas and can't wait for the festive season to kick in properly. Of course it's kind of how people feel about Marmite, but as it so happens I bloody love that too.

This year two of my favourite things have come together to create this year's Oxford Street Christmas Lights. Have you been to see them yet?


Don't forget that there's loads of places in London that have their own specially themed lights. Which ones will you be visiting?

Purse Palpitations Week #9

Another week, another list of things I want in my life!

This dress is simple fussy. Lots of colours and patterns but on one basic shape.
H&M £14.99

I've had my iPhone for a while now but still haven't found the perfect case. I think I'm going to take advice from Sarah at A Million Dresses and just buy more than one!
Chicwish £12.94

The little sister of has got a great range of jewellery and accessories for such low prices! I love this spike leather tote bag.
Pretty Little Thing £30
And saving the best til last! These are simple and classic, they'll go with everything, and I'm totally in love with them.
ASOS £22

Fashion: Parka and Boots

My favourite outerwear pairing at the moment is this big ol' parka, and some chunky boots that are just right for stomping through the city.

It's not exactly a Winter Warmer, but my Uniqlo parka is perfect for throwing on over big chunky jumpers and layering with a scarf. It's a couple of sizes too big for exactly that reason. And when I put up the hood I look like a scary 'yoof', but hey it shields me from the horizontal rain London seems to be getting recently, so it doesn't matter if I can't see what's coming towards me. Much...

I got these square toe leather boots from Hoy Boutiue at ASOS Marketplace. I've been looking for something with a chunky heel for what seems like forever and these are my new favourite boots. I wear them with skirts, jeans, dresses - they go with literally everything. I left them at my parents' house last week and I've been lost without them!

I'm actually enjoying the crap weather so I can wear these two!

Purse Palpitations Week #8

Oh the shops are full of such goodies right now. It hurts me that I can't afford to splurge on all of these! I'd better start writing to Santa!

OK, they look like Noel Fielding's gone crazy in the glitter aisle, but oh they are so pretty. Opaque tights and a big statement necklace are needed with these.
ASOS £45
Really want these adorable elbow patches to sew onto a plain grey jumper.
eBay £4.99
Looking at this blazer actually physically hurts me. I want to dress in the reject material from Mary Poppins' handbag!
River Island £35
Two months in to living in my new flat and there's still a big space above our lounge mantlepiece that's driving me crazy with its emptiness. How about this?
AmandaCatherineDes on Etsy £9.63

Explore: Highgate Cemetery

Ever since I read Her Fearful Symmetry, set in and around Highgate Cemetery in north London, I've wanted to visit. It's not your regular tourist destination, but is a well loved and beautiful area of the city, split into two sections.

The east cemetery is known for having a number of famous people buried there, the most notorious of which is Karl Marx.

Most poignant for me was Douglas Adams - one of my favourite authors. In front of the gravestone is a pot of pens; I frantically rummaged in my bag and was relieved to find a biro I could add to show my respects.

Weirdly there are a number of headstones that are pretty funny! I think it shows a massive strength of character to create your legacy with a sense of humour, potentially when you're on your deathbed.

The west cemetery is larger and more ornate. For £7 you get a guided tour full of stories, mysteries and history. I was worried I'd be a bit bored but it was so interesting! And it is all so quiet and secluded, hidden behind a mass of trees and shrubs.

It may be unconventional, but Highgate Cemetery is well worth stretching your Oyster card to Zone 3, and Highgate itself is gorgeous too. Next time you're looking for a cheap day trip within the city, don't underestimate it!

Fashion: Gold and Stripes

I bought this metallic gold jumper from H&M last year, and wore it to my first ever London Fashion Week show. Following on from wearing my gold skirt at Amanda Palmer the other night, I brought the jumper out of temporary hibernation the other night as the weather turned bitter, and decided it wasn't enough as one layer.

I got this striped shirt from a pile of clothes my aunt was sending off to the car boot. It's a couple of sizes too big, but I wear it over skinny jeans all the time. This was its first outing poking out of a jumper, and I really like how it turned out.

How are you wearing metallics?

Explore: WigWamBam

In a quiet corner of Shoreditch, a stones throw from Spitalfields Market and the famous graffiti of Great Eastern Street is the well known bar the Queen of Hoxton. Unknown to those who may not frequent very often though, is the QoH's rooftop. In Summer it is an open air cinema, but in Winter it transforms into one of the cutest drinking places in the city; in short, it's a wigwam!

Inside this quirky space there's wood chip on the floor, wooden benches to perch on, and in the centre a huge open barbeque, cooking filling stews and freshly cooked burgers.

Cashmere jumper and wool cardigan: Vintage

The bar serves the basics of wine and beer, but it has the best variety of hot alcoholic drinks. I plumped for the hot buttered rum, served in a small glass tankard, which was stupidly delicious.

Ring on left: H&M
Ring on right: Vintage
Nails: Back Room by Andy Warhol at NARS with Urban Outfitters glitter polish

Outside on the rooftop, where you can see over to Canary Wharf, there's fire pits to warm yourself, with seats all around (campfire songs not necessarily encouraged!).

WigWamBam is now open until March, Tuesdays to Saturday from 5pm and is free to get into. I recommend going early to grab one of the limited seats, but if it's not raining, the fire pits outside are great to keep warm by.

All photos courtesy of Writer's Block and Broken Lenses.

Life: October 2012

My Halloween nails
Late night tea and biscuits
An early stroll over Tower Bridge
My new work wallpaper!

Finally got my hands on some Anna Dello Russo for H&M stuff!
I met the author of my favourite book and got my battered copy signed
Lunch at Baity Kitchen, Chelsea
Very proud of my boyfriend who completed his first half marathon

My Halloween make-up!
Most pretentious round of tea I've ever made
Accidentally walked onto the set of new film Jack Ryan in Shoreditch
Post-it wall at Korean deli, Seoul Bakery

Chelsea Girl by Andy Warhol for NARS + Urban Outfitters glitter
Amusing headstone at Highgate Cemetery
Amazing Christmas decorations at the British Library
Love my big sisters sign in her hallway!
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