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Hedonistic Headress Making at Drink Shop Do

Have you ever been to Drink Shop Do? It's an unassuming building on Caledonian Road, but take a step inside and it is one of the most magical places in the city. The place ticks all the boxes for me: tea, cocktails, vintage decorations, craft events, jewellery and music. Sometimes I wonder why I bother ever going anywhere else.

This week I went to Hedonistic Headress Making, a night of copious beads, jewels and superglue. I was in my element. Plus we had massive doorstop salt beef sandwiches and cocktails; what's not to like?! We were given the choice of tiaras or headbands and then encouraged to delve into a veritable pick 'n' mix of craft supplies and go crazy with whatever design we wanted. I went for black, purple and green at first but it just wasn't working for me, I'm too symmetrical and couldn't make the messy collage look I was going for.

So I stripped it all off and went for black. And it actually turned out pretty well! You can't really see it in my hair, but you can't miss my friend Milly's - I dubbed it 'the unicorn puke' because it had every colour and texture you could ever imagine, I'm amazed it didn't weigh her head down!

Drink Shop Do has events almost every night, from Thriller dance lessons to Scrabble Sundays. Check out their timetable and pop down soon!

Clip-on earrings

Long gone are the days where clip-on earrings are for women in their 70s or those who want the channel their inner Pat Butcher. The only safe way to buy second hand earrings is to get clip-ons, and luckily for my taste in fashion, second hand shops and vintage markets are full of tacky, gaudy jewellery that I just love. 

I've had these earrings for over a year now, a friend bought them for my birthday, and it was only quite recently that I rediscovered them and started wearing them more and more. My favourite thing to wear them with is skinny jeans and a cashmere jumper - a really plain outfit that makes the earrings stand out even more. Now I have shorter hair you can see them more when I wear them, so it's been worth holding back so they get the attention they deserve.

What do you think of clip-on earrings?
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