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Lunch at Soupe du Jour, City of London

soupe du jour sign

When I was invited along to taste the wares of Soupe du Jour, I was intrigued but not necessarily excited. I mean, soup is soup, right? To me it just brings connotations of grabbing a quick lunch from Sainsbury's when it's reaching the end of the month, or slurping on something bland when I'm sick - it is very rarely something I deem worthy of sharing with the masses. It is an impressive feat then, that after I left Soupe du Jour I was not only stuffed, but was still surprised that it had tasted so good!

What I Wore to London Fashion Week

fashion blogger at london fashion week

There's something about Fashion Week that is utterly fascinating. Seeing the street style, the trends on the catwalks and the glamorous front row occupants, I'm hooked on reading the round-ups and  pinning my favourite looks to get inspiration for the months to come. I've attended a Fashion Scout show and London Fashion Weekend before, but this season is the first time I've attended full-blown designer shows, and I was SO excited. But oh! What to wear!

Nine Ways to Get Fit When You Hate Exercise

It is a sad fact of life that when you hit a certain age, you cannot eat all the cake and not face the consequences. This leaves me in a bit of a predicament. As you can probably tell from the pages of this blog and my Instagram account, I live for food. Sadly, I also hate exercise. It's mainly because I really enjoy sitting down; it's a talent that I have perfected over the years and I am pretty damn good at it.

Tatty Devine T-Rex Necklace

t rex necklace

Introducing my new pet: Bolan, the T-Rex.

Oh I do adore a statement necklace! My collection of them is really starting to get out of control, covering everything from skulls, crescent moons, chains and beetles, there's always something to make a plain boring top or dress so much more exciting. But none as much as this.

What I Ate in Prague

beer taster trayIf you're looking for a culinary taste bud explosion, then Prague maybe isn't the place to go. We certainly didn't eat badly on our trip, but the local cuisines are pretty limited in their offering, consisting predominantly of cuts of pork, sauerkraut and potatoes. We mainly stuck to traditional Czech food where we could and tried most of the expected dishes.

A Weekend in Prague

travel blog prague

Prague is one of those cities, like Paris, where Brits go for a 'long weekend'. Unlike Paris, however, there aren't many people who can tell you what there is to see there. It's known for being picturesque, and I knew before I went that there is a river running through with a famous bridge over it, but that was pretty much it. In the three days I was there, I found out that Prague has an incredibly rich and fascinating history, and the city was truly brought to life for me through the wonderful walking tours we went on.

prague tourist

hussites statue prague

prague street architecture

I've written many times before about how I love to explore a new place by foot, and this is the case whether I wander off by myself, or I go on a tour. I've done Sandeman tours in other European cities before and they almost seem too good to be true as they are completely free! Of course, you're encouraged to give a tip at the end, and they're always worth it. We met our tour guide John Paul at 10.45am and we stayed with him for three hours as we walked around the Old Town and the Jewish District, learning about all the beautiful buildings we were surrounded by and given a whistlestop tour of Prague's history, including the brutal background of the Hussites (one of the first branches of Protestantism) which involved their founder being burnt alive. Pretty grim. Did you know that the word 'bohemian' comes from Prague too? It's first name was Bohemia, and when the residents were all made to flee after the Thirty Years War, their ways of street theatre, absinthe drinking and painting as they travelled from country to country became known as the 'bohemian lifestyle'. Keep that one in your back pocket for a pub quiz!

woman in hat

close up of astronomical clock prague

prague astronomical clock

maleficent castle prague

mozart theatre prague

The architecture is staggering; not from its height, but from the intricate detail everywhere. The famous Astronomical Clock is truly beautiful, though how you tell the time from it is beyond me! Known as the City of 1000 Spires, despite being the second most atheist country in Europe, it's not difficult to see how Walt Disney found inspiration for fairytale constructions like Maleficent's castle. And he's not the only famous person to be in awe of Prague; Kafka lived and worked there, and Mozart loved the people of the city so much that he held the premiere of Don Giovanni at a theatre there, which is now the last place that he played to still be in existence. Prague has also been the foundations for myth and legend, with the story of the Gollum originating from the attic of the Old New Synagogue in the Jewish District.

czech soldiers at prague castle

czech war memorial

prague castle

example of sgraffito
Following on from the free tour, we decided to pay for the afternoon tour of Prague Castle and the surrounding areas. It was the equivalent of about £10 and we were so enamoured by the previous tour that we knew it would be worth it. Our guide Michael met us by the Rudolfinum music hall and pointed out some of the main sites including the Charles Bridge before we caught a tram up the hill to the castle.

The castle grounds is still the home of the Czech president and prime minister, as well as the senate. It is protected around the perimeter by soldiers decked out in uniforms designed by the costume designer for the Oscar winning Amadeus, carrying bayonets, and is perched on the top of a hill overlooking the city and its surroundings. The architecture again was completely stunning and we were shown an incredible example of sgraffito - a type of design where patterns are literally scratched into the brickwork giving a textured appearance that feels like looking at a Magic Eye picture.

st vitus cathedral prague

st vitus cathedral inside

st vitus stained glass windows

gargoyle st vitus cathedral

small blue house

houses on golden lane prague

The magnificent St Vitus Cathedral is the fifth largest in Europe and its stained glass windows are the most incredible I've ever seen. Designed by famous Prague artist, Mucha, they are in his classic art noveau style and were vivid, detailed and a tad creepy, but I was fascinated by them. Nearby is Golden Lane where Franz Kafka lived with his sister for a few years, and is now an adorable, colourful narrow street, perfect for some tourist photos.

On our own time, we wandered down to the Charles Bridge which has huge looming statues on each side, depicting various parts of Czech history or saints and other religious figures. The view from each side is completely gorgeous with towers, winding streets and petite houses by the river that I could've looked at for days (if it wasn't so bloody cold that is). Prague is one of those places where you take hundreds of photos of buildings, just because. It is also incredibly cheap, and perfect for a quick trip away with a flight time from Heathrow of only two hours. Despite the weather, it really is a beautiful city, and I'll definitely be going back to see a little further afield.

tower east side charles bridge

view from charles bridge prague

charles bridge prague

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The Sherlock Holmes Walking Tour

sherlock holmes beer

It's no great secret that I am a pretty big Sherlock fan, but even though it's the BBC show that holds my obsession, I am no stranger to the written originals by Arthur Conan Doyle. The books are fascinating, intelligent fiendishly clever and darkly humorous, with the majority of them set in London (not just on Baker Street). This sets the scene perfectly for Best LDN Walks latest walking tour, which started at the Criterion Theatre.

The Pink Duster Coat

I'm wearing:
Pink duster coat - Missguided
Black tshirt - Speedway*
Jeans - J Brand
Necklace - To:wn Design
Skater shoes - Asos
It is still so cold outside, but I spotted snowdrops the other day so I'm insisting that it's Spring. My big warm coats are great, but I'm really looking forward to wearing thinner layers that battle the evil air con in my office but aren't too heavy as the days get warmer.

Dinner at Chooks Chicken, Muswell Hill

fried chicken mashed potato

I miss living so close to beautiful Muswell Hill. It's such a picturesque and quaint place to wander around on a sunny Saturday afternoon. The demographic is reflected in the shops:  Whistles, Waitrose, Le Crueset; but there is a wider variety of restaurants and cafes on offer.

Put Away Your PDAs

sailor nyc kiss

A few weekends ago, I was sat in Starbucks in Paddington Station waiting for a train to take me and my belated Christmas greetings to my sister's house. I had my earphones in and a book to read and was quite happy minding my own business, until the girl sat opposite me decided to drape herself over the boy sat next to her. She then sat idly stroking his hair while they watched videos on his laptop and he fed her plastic spoonfuls of muesli. Tender? Cute? Reminding us that romance isn't dead?

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