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A Wedding in Tuscany

bridesmaid dressing gowns

I consider myself pretty well travelled. Last year I went to Australia, Hong Kong, Beijing, Paris and Frankfurt, so I've managed to clock up quite a few air miles. However, until recently, I'd never been to Italy. Considering how much I love food this normally takes people by surprise, so I was very excited to not only visit Tuscany for the new adventure but more importantly to be a bridesmaid at the wedding of my oldest friend.

Screw Your #RelationshipGoals


Have you seen this hashtag floating around the internet? It's being used by everyone from lust-led teenagers to national newspapers and is pinned on to photos of doe-eyed looking celeb couples or a stock photo of two beautiful people appearing to be very much in love. It's used to sum up the best a relationship can be, because after all, aren't we all striving for something better?

Degusta Box: April

degusta box review

Is it just me or is Degustabox* getting better with every month? Once again, this handy little food subscription service has provided me with some of my favourite brands as well as introduced me to some ace new ones. Set your stomachs to 'Rumble'...

An Evening on the Naughty Ghost Walking Tour

london walking tours

I've proclaimed on this here blog many times that the best way to see somewhere is on foot, and that includes my own fair city of London. The Naughty Ghost Tour is half scary, half comical and focuses on the London Bridge area, starting in The Boot and Flogger pub where I caught up with AJ, Katy and Leanne and knocked back a few glasses of red wine to get us prepped for a walk in the cold.

Nine Things to Know When Visiting Barcelona

One thing to remember if you're attending a hen party abroad: it's not a holiday. When you get a group of women together who don't all know each other, you will never please everyone. That's why I didn't plan much for my recent trip to the Catalan capital - I was ready to go with flow, especially as I've been there before. We stayed in a fantastic apartment on Passeig de Gracia. It slept eight of us easily, was a short walk to Sagrada Familia and La Rambla, and had buses connecting the whole city right outside, plus the owner, Miguel, was so lovely and extremely helpful. Here's a few tips for those of you planning a trip soon

What I Wore Going Out in Barcelona

what to wear on holiday

My recent trip to Barcelona was in honour of a wonderful woman becoming my sister-in-law. A hen do is a strange gathering: a group of people of all ages, who often don't know each other that well, all coming together to have organised fun. We had plans for our first night - a VIP table at a swanky club, and more loose ideas for the second evening. So I packed smart-casual bits and one dress to go 'out-out' in. I never go out clubbing. There just rarely seems to be a night where I want to get sweaty and pay too much for drinks in a dark room, surrounded by people with questionable morals and music tastes. But with all that, I actually had a great night at

A Night at Clevedon Hall, Somerset

clevedon hall wedding venue

It's very rare that I'll do a weekend trip away in the UK. I'm all for a full blown staycation; a week in Cornwall or the Lake District, but one night away has always seemed like too much of an effort. My recent trip to Clevedon Hall* completely changed my opinion - I can't begin to tell you how lovely it was to escape the city for 24 hours.

Please, Don't Talk About My Skin

blogger with acne

I've had acne since I was about 21. I have no idea what triggered it, but try as I might it will not shift. I've read every trick in the book to try and get rid of it: stopping drinking, cutting out gluten, trying every cosmetic ever recommended in every magazine. I take my make-up off before bed, I try not to touch my face at all and I more than regularly change my pillow cases. I've even changed my contraception in the hope that that might work. Nothing changes though. It doesn't matter how clean my lifestyle, I relentlessly have these bloody marks on my face.

Setting Sail on Ladbrokes' Floating Casino

ladbrokes casino

I really struggle with formal wear. I'm much more of a smart casual person: a pair of well-fitting jeans and some heels is what I'm most comfortable in on a night out, plus I'm rarely invited to something with a dress code. I had a slight meltdown when Emma (Miss Pond) invited me along to the #LadbrokesPartyLife event and there was talk of dressing up all fancy. I bought, and subsequently returned, three potential dresses from ASOS and eventually decided on something I already owned.

Lunch at Bundobust, Leeds

best uk food blogger

Thank goodness for Twitter. When I took a recent work trip to Leeds, I asked local blogger Rihanna for recommendations on where to eat. A couple of others waded in and everyone seemed to rate Bundobust, a little Indian street kitchen a stone's throw from the main train station. As I was with a vegetarian colleague, and Bundobust is completely meat-free, we headed down pre-meeting for a spot of lunch.
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