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Vintage Salt: Dinner on Selfridges Rooftop

vintage salt review

It would appear that summer is playing silly buggers. The amount of genuinely sunny days have been extremely limited, but when they do appear I've been sure to make the most of it by dining al fresco. Every season, the roof of Selfridges' flagship Oxford Street store changes its aesthetic and more importantly, its menu, for dinner and drinks looking over central London rooftops. This season it's Vintage Salt, a nautical themed spot with a penchant for fish dishes.

The Realistic Guide to Getting Beach Ready

spanish beach

Preparing for a holiday is the stressful as it is. There's getting your currency, making sure you're not a terror threat with over 100ml of hand cream in your hand luggage, and setting the god damn alarm for 4am to get your Ryanair flight to somewhere with no culture, but lots of sunshine and watered down mojitos. There's been a lot of controversy on being 'beach ready' recently, but it doesn't matter who you are, nobody looks forward to being half naked in front of a bunch of strangers and you may very well take some steps to make yourself feel a little bit more comfortable.

Roll Neck and Palazzo Pants

how to wear palazzo pants

I feel like I'm making some braver fashion choices recently. Don't get me wrong, I still love my standard uniform of skinny jeans, boots and jumpers, but occasionally I try something new, whether it's with a pattern or a cut. With an upcoming press day at work, I kitted myself out in product from the store and went a little out of my comfort zone, but with the main focus of being comfortable as I knew I'd be on my feet all day. I ended up with this outfit.

Degustabox: May

degustabox review

May's Degustabox* was sent in time for the bank holiday, full of delicious bits and bobs to eat at a barbecue. Being devoid of a garden, I took the goodies to my parents' house so we could try everything out the way it was intended: outside, in the cold, pretending summer was on its way.

Crochet and Platforms

how to wear 70s trend

Although not a fancy dress event, my recent trip to the Faulty Towers Dining Experience made me want to channel the 70s again. This time I switched my fringed suede waistcoat for two other pieces synonymous with that decade and all over the high street at the moment.

The Faulty Towers Theatrical Dining Experience

faulty towers dining experience review

I've written before about the importance of British comedy in my life and Fawlty Towers has always been one of my favourite TV shows. So imagine my surprise when, sat making bath bombs at a Joe Blogs event, I see the spitting image of Manuel walk past holding a tray of drinks and looking very flustered. I assumed it was just a lookalike and shrugged it off as nothing special, until a few minutes later the doppelgängers of both Sybil and Basil Fawlty strolled past the door.

Udon Noodles at Koya, Soho

koya london review

I've made a mistake. Koya has been on my 'to-eat' list for months but it's only when I found out that it was closing on 31st May that I finally got around to actually paying a visit. A few weeks ago, Etta, Lucy and I joined the modest queue outside the Soho restaurant and patiently waited to be seated. As always when I'm out with those two, we ordered far too much food, but luckily Lucy was on hand to explain what we were eating - I love her knowledge on how things are made, their origins, and how best to eat what's in front of us.
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