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A Low Maintenance Guide to Long Lasting Make-Up

quick make up routine

I spend approximately seven minutes each morning on my make-up. I have a base of concealer and foundation, then mascara and maybe a lip colour. It is a basic routine, interspersed with evenings of painting my nails, that I know I can do without a mirror and just gives me a little more get-up-and-go for the day ahead. I also very rarely carry a make-up bag around with me predominantly because I'm not bothered but also I'm far too lazy to refresh my make-up throughout the day.

Three Alternative Nights Out in London

things to do in london

I'm rubbish at going 'out-out'. I hate crowds, I hate drunk people, I cannot wear heels for an entire evening and for the most part, the music is shite. I will occasionally hit the town, but generally that will include somewhere I can sit down and be able to hold a conversation. In the last couple of weeks I've headed out with some of my favourite blogger ladies to experience some alternative nights out in London which aren't stupidly expensive.

17 Things You Think When Breaking in New Shoes

how to break in new shoes

I recently purchased the most beautifully ugly shoes from ASOS. They are big and clumpy, but of the sandal variety so perfect for summer. The day after they arrived I wore them with some vintage culottes and a high neck ribbed top and looked bloody awesome. Five minutes later, I hated myself, the shoes (cruelly called 'Have a Dream' Sandals), the online shopping industry and anyone walking faster than me. My thought process throughout the day was as follows

What I've Been Eating #4

london food blog

As much as I love writing full blown food reviews, sometimes it's not always appropriate to whip out a camera at the dinner table, or I may only have my phone with me which just doesn't do the meal justice. Here's some of what I've been eating recently (otherwise known as The Reason I Force Myself to Do Exercise)

To Kill a Mockingbird at The Barbican

to kill a mockingbird book cover

To Kill a Mockingbird is, without a doubt, my favourite book of all time. I first read it for GCSE English and I distinctly remember being on holiday with my family somewhere in England, stuck in the back of the car, and practically wailing out loud. It moved me in a way no book had ever done before. It highlighted injustice and love within an area of history I knew very little about, and in a part of America that I hardly even knew existed. I have read it countless times since and it still has the same affect on me now as it did back then.

Olympia Le Tan Book Clutch

olympia le tan book clutch

Occasionally, at a sample sale, I will find one absolute gem. In amongst the slightly battered shoes and the rails of jumpers with a tiny snag in them, there will be the item that you know was meant to be yours, and fate brings you together in a beautiful way. For me, I spied this Olympia Le Tan book clutch when I was already in line to pay at a Net-a-Porter friends and family event.
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