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Dinner at Smoking Goat, Soho

smoking goat restaurant review

The thing with trying to find somewhere to eat in London is that everywhere looks so unassuming. Some of the best places I've eaten at have little-to-no branding and only seat 20 people max. Smoking Goat looks like a standard side street dingy bar from the outside and is on Denmark Street, in the grey area between Soho and Covent Garden.

Barbecuing with Quorn

easy vegetarian bbq recipes

The wonderful pleasure of a summer barbecue has been ruined for me living in London. We aren't allowed to have one on our balcony, and those piddly disposable ones you have in local parks just burn everything. That and it hasn't stopped raining since 1994 (or at least that's what it feels like). For me, a barbecue is normally a meat feast and I am totally fine with that. There may be some sort of salad that's predominantly there for decoration, but for me a barbecue is just not a vegetarian meal.

How to Wear a Denim A-Line Skirt

denim a line button skirt

I love jeans for their versatility. No matter what situation I have to dress for you can guarantee that I'll have considered a pair of jeans at some point, but with other denim items I can struggle. Denim's stiff nature can mean shirts gape at the chest and skirts don't have the give to allow me to sit down without flashing some lucky strangers. The thing is, I reeeeeeeeally like this skirt so I just figured I'd get it and then make it work.

36 Hours in Bergen

what to do in bergen

Arriving into Bergen after a 6.5hr train journey from Oslo was quite the relief. Although our trip had been amazing, it was nice to be back out in the crisp summer Norwegian air, and Bergen instantly wooed us with its charm. Cobbled streets, wooden houses and a feel of true rustic Scandinavia separates it from the modern and sleek aesthetic of Oslo.

Degustabox: July

degustabox review

One word can sum up this month's Degustabox*: sweet. There was just a lot of sugar, so it's taken me a little while to write this review as I've had to stagger tasting them all so I don't crash and burn in a dribbly mess. There were some genuinely great finds though and I particularly loved the hemp oil and Weetabix drinks - they'll be new additions to my regular shop.

How to Wear Culottes

how to wear culottes

The last time I wore culottes was part of my Brownie uniform a good 18 years ago. I never went out with the intention of buying a pair, it just kind of happened when I fell into Pop Boutique on Seven Dials one evening after work. The thing is with culottes is you have to be tall to wear them, and as it happens, I'm 5ft 10" so I pretty much fit that bill. So I bought them, amused by the fact that they look like a skirt but totally aren't, and then promptly realised I had absolutely no idea what to wear with them.

Travelling from Oslo to Bergen by Train

oslo bergen train norway

After a few days in Oslo, we boarded a train to Bergen to see Norway's countryside by rail. The journey was 6.5 hours but it's been voted one of the most scenic rail routes in the world. A bit of research informed us to pay about £15 extra to sit in Komfort class which was well worth the money. We had a ton of leg room, less people in our carriage and free tea and coffee for the duration. I booked our tickets online as paying in advance was cheaper, and chose our seats based on the wise words of TripAdvisor: forward facing and on the left hand side.

Four Fun Ways to Dye Your Clothes

easy clothes dyeing ideas

I like to think that I’m a creative person. My career path has meant that I’ve needed to think of inventive ways of marketing some of the most dull products on sale in the country, but creativity doesn’t mean artistic, and that is something I am definitely not. Last weekend, me, my mum and sister (both infinitely more artistic than me) tried our hand at fabric dyeing.

What I Ate in Norway

bergen fish market

After my recent visit to Norway I know two things for sure:
1) It is the one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to
2) It is the most expensive place I've ever been to

We were hitting up places that were one or two £ signs in the guide book but would still be paying around £35 each for dinner, and that's exclusing alcohol.

36 Hours in Oslo

oslo opera house

When people asked where I was going on my summer holiday this year, every single person looked totally baffled when I told them I was off to Norway. The reason? Simple that I haven't been there before, and that seemed as good a reason as any. After a seven hour flight delay, we eventually arrived and once we'd found our Air BnB in the lovely Frogner district, we headed out to start exploring.
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