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Dinner Down Memory Lane with Marie Curie

marie curie dinner down memory lane

I wish I'd been alive in the 70s. Fleetwood Mac, The Two Ronnies, flares, Woodstock, The Clangers, fringing, ABBA - it's the decade that I inadvertently always end up channeling (mainly with my accidentally morning 'fros that basically turn me into a less attractive Marc Bolan).

Ireland Road Trip: Kinsale and Cobh

ireland driving holiday

One quiet weekday evening, my boyfriend and I were watching Calvary on Netflix. The film is a black comedy set in rural Ireland which got us thinking, why not drive around the Emerald Isle for our next holiday? So, a few week's later we flew into Cork, hired a car and roughly planned a route along the south-west coast to see some rugged coastlines. We stayed in Cork for three nights, using it a our base to explore some of the little towns and villages nearby.

Degustabox: August

degustabox august review

I love getting my monthly Degustabox*. It’s such a little treat to get post and not know what’s inside, as opposed to the unpleasant surprises bills can bring or another coupon for a dodgy local pizza place. August’s theme was ‘back to school’, with the box being full of products you can prep or pack for your lunch box. I try and take breakfast and lunch to work with me as many days as possible, so these were some great additions that I hadn’t previously thought of.

An Afternoon on London's Southbank

hayward gallery slides

As London tourist traps go, the Southbank is way up there as one of the places I go out of my way to avoid. It's a fantastic area of the city, crammed full of weird and wonderful sights and different things to do and explore, but this means it gets pretty busy and I just get a bit impatient with the crowds.

Why I'm Not Writing a 30 Before 30 List

best london bloggers

Today is my 27th birthday. When a whole day is dedicated to reminding you that you're getting older and there's absolutely no way of stopping it, you do tend to think about life so far and what's in store for you in the future. I tend to wonder how the hell it's been five years since I graduated university, if I'll ever be able to afford a house, and if all the cake I eat on my birthday is the sole reason I have cellulite on my thighs (probabaly, but never mind ey?).

Dinner at Shoryu, Kingly Court

ramen restaurants london

Cronuts, burgers, pulled pork; us Londoners love a food craze. Over the last year ramen has joined the ranks of the city's favourite dishes with restaurants dedicated to the stuff popping up everywhere. I still haven't made it to Kanada-Ya due to the stupid queues outside it around the clock, but I did manage to get into Koya before it closed down. Shoryu is bringing ramen to the masses, with four outposts now trading and introducing people to the very basics of the dish and its origins.

Where is Home?

growing up in uk

Where are you going when you tell someone you're 'going home'? For me, most days, 'home' is my flat in London, but it means a dwelling, somewhere that more often that not I got back to after work, or generally just somewhere I keep the majority of my stuff. Yet I still refer to any visit back to see my parents in Milton Keynes as 'going home'.

Exploring London by Bike

things to do in london

I haven't ridden a bike in at least five years. When I lived in York I cycled everywhere (and that place is full of hills so my arse was AMAZING), but the thought of riding a bike in London has always terrified me, with horror stories in the news of collisions and accidents. Cyclists don't even seem to be nice to each other a lot of the time, I've seen some people have screaming matches at traffic lights to the amusement of passing pedestrians. But I hate the tube and I want to be more active so Charley and I took the plunge and decided to just give it a go.

What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

what to wear to a summer wedding

I'm not really a dress wearer, but this summer has been full of 'occasions'. When shopping my friend's upcoming nuptials I contemplated a co-ord, or maybe a jumpsuit, but nothing felt quite formal enough. This was wedding, yes, but the bride is one of the most creative people I know; every year I get a homemade birthday and Christmas card from her which are always beautiful and I wanted to make sure that my outfit wasn't too traditional as it just wouldn't reflect the wonderful person getting married.
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