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Alcoholic Architecture

alcoholic architecture london

London is stupid. I live in a city where the simple act of going for a drink just doesn’t cut it for most of us. We’re presented with ‘immersive’ experiences, pop-ups and quirky concepts. I’ve drunk cocktails from vintage jelly molds, consumed hot buttered rum inside a giant rooftop wigwam and craft beer straight from the brewery, but Alcoholic Architecture takes the top spot for ‘most ridiculous alcohol consumption’ ever.

Peanut Butter Cookies: My Mum's Recipe

peanut butter cookies

It's not that long ago since I wrote about how much I love home. I have a wonderful relationship with my mum and my love of food very much stems from her. Ready meals were extremely rare, takeaways few and far between, and the importance of home cooking was very strong. My mum's baking remains legendary amongst my friends (AJ forever craves her apple pie, Phoebe misses her banana cake all the way from Australia!), and I like looking through the recipe book she made for me when I moved to university for inspiration on what to bake next.

[Life] October, 2015

uk lifestyle blogs

I'll be frank here: October needed to calm the hell down. It got far too over excited with itself and went all Single White Female on me. My diary was full, my work life was manic, I basically didn't sleep and almost had a meltdown. There's a lot going on right now that I don't really want to divulge into on this particular space of the internet, but I would just quite like to have a nap and skip forward a few weeks until things just chill out a bit.

Fishing With the Locals in Glengarriff, Ireland

travel blogs

If there's one stereotype I'd heard about the Irish which turned out to be completely true, it's that they are unbelievably friendly. During our road trip, conversation with locals flowed as easily as the Guinness - in pubs, hotels, cafes, we received tip-offs, recommendations and warm welcomes from everyone we met.

Added Extras #5

best uk bloggers

These weekly posts are all about the positive things that have made up my week. The happy added extras didn't come to me as easily this time as I had a truly stressful week at work and had little time for anything but going home and passing out from exhaustion. But there were some, and bloody good they were too. Positive mental attitude, people!

An Afternoon at Ascot

ascot horse racing

I don't do fascinators. My hair is basically a hat, so adding anything on top of that is a bit null and void as it just disappears underneath follicles. But at the heart of all races outfits is some headgear, so with that out of the picture I was a bit stumped with where to start with my outfit for Ascot. I can do super dressed up but this wasn't Ladies Day so I needed to be smart but not really formal.
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