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2015 Food Review

I have eaten far too much this year. It got to the point where I actually had to join a gym just to balance things out a bit. Food is an integral part of my social life; one of the things that I genuinely love to experiment with and experience, and not just in London. Some of the best food I've had this year has been out of the city, and some of it not even in this country. When it comes to food, I just can't help myself. Here's the best of what I've eaten this year:

Dinner and Drag Queens at The Glam Clam Cabaret

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You know sometimes when you and your mates look back on a night out that you always have an anecdote from? One of those evenings where you have hundreds of photos, a sore throat the next morning and something weird in your bag that you forgot you'd swiped on your way home. That pretty much sums up the evening I had at The Glam Clam with the best bunch of blogger buddies a gal could wish for.

Added Extras #8

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Twas the week before Christmas and all over the house, no-one was stirring...because they weren't in. There has not been one night this week that I've actually been in, thanks to the final plunge into festive socialising. I've finally managed to post out some presents, but no cards, even though I've bought them. It's the thought that counts, right?

The Novelty Christmas Outfit

best christmas jumpers
I'm wearing:
Jumper - Missguided
Skirt - Forever 21
Tights - Pretty Polly at ASOS
Shoes - Topshop

I'm no stranger to novelty clothing. I can regularly be seen wearing a giant T-Rex necklace (his name is Bolan), I wore pom-pom shoes to a wedding, and last night I carried a clutch bag in the shape of a Feast ice cream. Christmas jumpers? Easy peasy.

My Perfect Bath Time Products


Added Extras #7

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Christmas is coming around a bit quick, isn't it? As always, I think I'm organised by December 1st and then my diary goes crazy, I'm never at home and I have no time to finish my shopping. I haven't even bought cards yet, let alone sent them (so apologies to anyone reading this that has sent one to me so far!). It's been such a fun week, seeing some of my favourite people, but also having some time to myself. Here are the Added Extras that have made my week:

Hawaiian Burgers at Kua'Aina, Goodge Street

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When Kua'Aina opened, a mere stones throw from my old office, I wasn't interested at all. Hawaiian burger joint? Sounded like a gimmick to me, and I'm precious about my burgers. It turns out that I'd made a bit of presumption. Kua'Aina started off as a burger and sandwich shack in Hawaii, attracting global attention, including that of two London based guys who loved it so much they brought it over to our fair shores.

African Prints and Brown Boots

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I've never really been one to buy sale items a whole season ahead. I cannot get my brain to think summer when it's bloody freezing outside, but as it's actually pretty mild out at the moment it's been slightly more feasible. Ages ago I was snooping around the Topshop sale to find a bargain outfit to wear to Ascot and found this African print dress.

Added Extras #6

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It's been five weeks since I last posted an Added Extras snippet. To be honest, I haven't felt like it. I won't go into details but to be frank, the last month has been utterly awful. I have struggled to see the positives in my everyday goings on when all I've really wanted to do is sit under a duvet and pretend life isn't shitting all over me. But I'm getting through it. And today is the first day in a while that I've wanted to share what I've been getting up to, because my friends and family have been so incredibly bloody amazing in reminding me that socialising and exploring and discovering is what I love best. So, here (finally) is Added Extras #6:

A Weekend in Liverpool: Part 2

liverpool albert dock

Our weekend in Liverpool had been choc-a-bloc full of food and shopping and neon Christmas trees; on our last day we felt like we should take in a bit of culture. Our Travelodge looked over the Albert Dock - home to a number of museums, gorgeous views across the Mersey and a selection of tourist-trap shops selling the best cheap tat you could ever hope for.

A Weekend in Liverpool: Part 1

museum of liverpool

I'm no stranger to the north-west of the UK, but I'll admit that that's basically been limited to the Greater Manchester area. I went to Liverpool once, four years ago, but it was summer and it was hot and I was basically just there to go drinking with my friend (I don't regret a thing). It is, of course, a world famous city, primarily down to four specific men but I genuinely had no idea what else the city had to offer.
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