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Dinner with Take Eat Easy

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Living in London not only means I am spoilt for choice with restaurants, but also for takeaway options. Every time I see one of those Just Eat adverts with the singing weirdos in spandex I feel my wallet screaming at me to never buy from them again, and to be honest I like to have a wider choice.

Five Things People Say When You Tell Them You're Going Travelling

I'll be honest, the subject matter of any conversation I have at the moment pretty much centres around The Big Trip. When people at work find out I'm leaving, or I tell friends that I haven't seen in a while, they all pretty much ask them same few questions or come out with similar statements.

Added Extras #12

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Thank the lord for wonderful friends. With 38 days still to go until I leave my job and 57 until I board my plane to Kuala Lumpur I need a lot to take my mind off the fact I'm having to live life as normal for the moment. It's the people I get to spend my evening and weekends with that really make a difference to my mood and ability to not punch myself in the face and last week they did a particularly stellar job.

Knitwear and Nikes

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I'm wearing:
Cardigan - George at Asda*
Roll neck - Primark
Leather tee - Forever 21 (similar here)
Jeans - Topshop
Bracelet - River Island *
Socks - Topshop
Trainers - Nike
Black is anything but boring when it comes to fashion. You may think that to have an exciting outfit you need something bright added somewhere, but for me I don't just look at colour. My favourite outfits are often all black but instead mix texture and shape so that the closer you look, the more interesting it becomes.

The Ceremony of the Keys at the Tower of London

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For 18 months I lived close to the Tower of London, being lucky enough to have to walk past it every day to and from work. It is a beautiful building and one of the few major tourist attractions that I'd genuinely recommend visitors to go and see; it's actually worthy of the long queues and massive tickets prices.

Added Extras #11

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I didn't make any plans for last week because oh my god I am I poor. Stupid early December pay check, good riddance bloody expensive Christmas and go to hell leaving the house. But then I get bored. Someone suggests a thing and I think, "I love that thing", and before I know it, I'm doing the thing and oh look, a plan-free week ends up being rammed once again. Lucky really, or this post would consist purely of photos of Lindor, slippers and Pointless (no complaints here, it's just not great blog fodder, you know?). So, here's the added extras that made my week:

1) I'm super lucky to be really close with my cousin Ellie. She's moving to Dublin soon *insert devastated face here* but last week she was staying in a hotel for work. I went over with my pjs and we had a midweek sleepover which included ordering in dessert on room service. OH YES.

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2) Walking along the river to work after the aforementioned hotel stay was one of those 'Stop it London, you're too pretty' moments. Hazy winter sunrise over the Houses of Parliament is something worth stopping to take in, no matter how blasé you are about living in the city (and let's face it, that's pretty much my situation in a nutshell right now).

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3) Along with the rest of London, I braved Lumiere on Friday night, although I didn't have to go too far at first as one of the structures was literally right outside my office!

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4) Pre-Lumiere, Charley and I went and got our vodka jackets on in the form of a teapot of booze at Simmons to help shield us from the cold. It made sense until we both desperately needed to pee about 30 minutes later and had to brave the dodgy public loos!

5) I did the most exercise I've done in months on Saturday afternoon and trekked up to the top of Parliament Hill just in time for sunset. It was lovely until we then got lost trying to make our way to the pub and ended up in the middle of Hampstead Heath in pitch black and freezing bloody cold. A pint of ale was well deserved when we finally made it to The Spaniard's Inn and sat in their lovely beer garden.

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6) It snowed a bit. Not much, but this is London so it totally counts.

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7) We had a lovely lazy brunch in Muswell Hill, reading the broadsheets left on the table (he reads the news, I look at pretty travel photos), and using Sunday as an excuse to eat too much.

What added extras perked up your week?

A Long Weekend in Berlin

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Each year, my best friend comes back from Hong Kong for Christmas. To make the most of being in Europe (and to get cheaper flights), she tends to go back in January via a European city, joined by me and her big sister. In 2014 we did Paris and this year we decided to spend New Year's Eve in Berlin, for gluhwein, bratwurst and wanderings in the freezing cold.

Breakfast at Granger & Co

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Going out for breakfast still feels like such a luxury. I like my lie-ins on a weekend and so I often can't be bothered with getting dressed to go out in time for the breakfast service cut-off, but when I do I remember why I like it so much. I love the ceremony of eating that particular meal in a restaurant: the pot of tea, the setting up for the day with a meal rather than a sugary bowl of cardboard at my desk.

Added Extras #10

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Aaaaaaand that's my money for the rest of the month gone. Shouldn't have been so bloody busy but after Christmas it's nice to see people and with 65 days until I leave the country for three months (yes, I'm going to keep going on about it), I actually have a tonne to get done. Including writing some blog posts because I've been a bit slack this week. Soz.

Added Extras #9

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I know it's the 5th but HAPPY NEW YEAR! The last month has been totally exhausting. Before Christmas I did my first ever stint of jury service (at the Old Bailey no less) and it was emotionally draining and not exactly what I wanted to do right before Christmas. But the festive season was suitably relaxing, followed by a quick trip to Berlin for New Year's Eve and lots of time catching up with friends.

River Island New Season Wish List

River Island wish list

Just before Christmas I had a lovely surprise turn up on my doorstep. Erica had nominated me for River Island's secret santa project #IPartyWith (because we totally do) and I received a lovely little array of winter warming goodies to keep cosy in the cold. I was lucky enough to receive a gift voucher in that box and so, of course, I've been raiding the River Island website to make sure I'm super sensible about what to buy.

Travel Does the Heart Good

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Holidays, no matter which way you look at them, are the ultimate means of escape. Every time I've ever gone abroad it's to get away from something, it's just that over time those 'somethings' change depending on where you are in life.
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