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Degustabox - January 2016

degustabox january 2016 review

I loved the Asian theme to this month's Degustabox. If I eat out I'll generally always lean towards the Indian/Malaysian/Chinese route if possible, but I rarely make anything of that sort at home (apart from my smothered lamb curry which is the BUSINESS). It seemed a box of opposites: the indulgent savoury side and the health conscious sweet side. I delved in and ate everything, especially for you guys. Such love.

Kikki-K Travel Wish List

Kikki K

In case you've been living under a rock (or you're just not that interested in stationery), Kikki K has finally opened in London. It's got the sleek design of Scandinavia that makes your home interiors look effortless, but hinting at a Japanese quirkiness with slogans and bright colours. I want it all.

Added Extras #16

uk lifestyle blogger

These posts every Tuesday are a great way of reminding me of the little things that have made my week great. But you know what? You can have too much of a good thing. I have been so busy that I am verging on the sort of tired that makes me emotional. I love being busy but my word, I am looking forward to escaping London for a couple of days tomorrow.

Cocktails in the City 2016

Cahoots gin cocktail

I'm a list maker. I have lists for everything; from reminding me to do that thing to suggesting that I try that place, but primarily telling me what I want to eat and drink. It's never ending because I am constantly adding somewhere new to it and there just ISN'T ANY TIME. Where do I even begin when everywhere looks so flippin' delicious?

Top 10 Tips to Survive Jury Service

st pauls cathedral

I was bloody terrified when I got called up for jury service. So many people told me how jealous they were that I was getting to do it and they'd never been called up, but I was dreading it. Why would I want to spend a minimum of two weeks listening to a potentially horrific crime and then making a decision that would literally change people's lives? But you don't have a choice; you either go or you get put in prison, so last year off I popped.

Chinese Hotpot at Shuang Shuang, London

chinese hotpot london restaurant

The word 'hotpot' for me has connotations of a thick meat stew topped with potatoes, served by Betty in Coronation Street. It wasn't until I went to Beijing in 2014 that I first heard of, and tried, the Chinese version: a pot of boiling broth in the middle of a table, surrounded by various raw meats and vegetables ready to dunk.

Added Extras #15

uk lifestyle blogger

I maybe should have taken it a bit easier last week. I was out pretty much every night, making the most of seeing friends before I don't see them for three months. By the time Friday rolled around, I was completely shattered, so I've made sure to schedule in some down time in order to maintain my sanity. Things are only going to get even more busy though! Here's the added extras that made last week great:

Making Friends on the Internet

group of friends

It just so happened that this year Galentine's Day and Internet Friends Day both fell on 13th February. OK, so they're both completely made up and not officially recognised holidays (YET), but both of them mean something particularly special to me this year.

Love Hz at Lights of Soho

neon sign hey you look familiar did we do it

Walking through the deep, dark depths of Soho at night, the glare of neon lights guides your way from Old Compton Street  to Golden Square and beyond. In amongst the sex shops, opposite London Fashion Week's new home of Brewer Street car park is Lights of Soho, a gallery-slash-coffee shop.

Pancake Day at My Old Dutch

pancakes my old dutch london

My hunt for pancakes on Shrove Tuesday went as follows:
  • Next level disappointment when my work canteen weren't serving them at lunchtime
  • Walking past two places in Soho that were selling them but I was already on my way to somewhere else
  • Realising that the event I was at definitely weren't going to surprise us with pancakes
  • Looking up places to eat near where I was out with the girls and seeing that most of them were at least a 20 minute walk away (and I'm lazy)
  • Hearing that the queue outside My Old Dutch was "a mile long"

Added Extras #14

best uk bloggers

Right February, what have you got for me? My last full month of work until The Big Trip, so I guess I'd better see all the people I'm going to miss once I'm away. It's all feeling a bit real now and although I am quite prepared, I keep having mini meltdown moments of 'THERE IS SO MUCH TO DO'. I just want to be on my plane out now and get it started whilst simultaneously freaking out that I am in fact going away for three months. I think I'll write more about that another time. Until then, here's the added extras that made last week tip top:

Whisky Tasting with Geronimo Inns

best london food blogs

I'm a relatively new fan of whisky. Along with red wine, I could never quite understand how people would enjoy supping on a glass, but over the last two years my tastes seemed to have changed and I've ditched Sauvignon Blanc for Malbec and Grey Goose for Wild Turkey.

Added Extras #13

top uk lifestyle bloggers

Oh hi. Tuesday again; it rolls around so quick and yet always takes forever to arrive. Weeks at the moment are really taking their time in getting done and dusted and just letting me have my two days of freedom. I don't just live for the weekend, I crawl to it on my hands and knees, weeping at its coat tails and promising it the world so that it'll just stay a little longer. But it never does. 48 hours and then it's right back to the beginning again.
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