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The Greyhound on the Test Hotel, Hampshire

greyhound on the test hotel hampshire review

I'm constantly saying that I should do weekends away in the UK more often. It's no secret that London has been driving me a bit nuts recently, so before heading off on my Big Trip, I spent a weekend in Hampshire, checking in at The Greyhound on the Test.

The Restorative Power of Tea

woman drinking tea

It's amazing what a good brew can do for your mood. Whether it's chatting over a pot of builder's best with my nan, clutching onto a mug of Assam for dear life on a hangover, or desperately searching for a decent mug of the stuff abroad - tea makes me feel grounded and at home. Even as I write this, I'm sat in a beautiful hotel lobby in Singapore, with an art deco style cup and saucer plonked next to me.

Added Extras #20

uk best travel blogs

Well. It's almost a week since I left the UK to start The Big Trip. I cannot begin to tell you all the things I've seen and experienced so far; it has been both overwhelming, life-altering and utterly wonderful.

A Long Weekend in Aberdeenshire, Pt 2

cairngorms scotland

When I envisaged a long weekend in Aberdeenshire I could never have imagined how utterly blown away I would be by the scenery. After our fishing fun on the Friday, we hit the local pub quiz and were feeling a little sore-headed the following day (celebrating coming third involves a lot of whisky), so we needed fresh air. We settled into our hire car with a decent stash of Mini Eggs and headed up, up, up into the mountains.

Gin Journey: Exploring London's Best Cocktail Bars

gin journey london

As the weather gets warmer, I become more and more partial to a cold and crisp G&T. Yet as I've got older, I'm less fond of a bog standard Gordon's and have started to discover other gins that really do tickle my tastebuds. When gin connoiseur and total beaut, Emma told me she'd won tickets to Shake Rattle and Stir's Gin Journey and wanted little old me to go with her, it was like I'd hit juniper jackpot.

Learning How to Fly Fish in Scotland

river dee scotland cairnton estate

Don't worry, this isn't spam and I haven't been hacked. The heading of this post isn't an SEO ruse to get traffic from fans of leisurely aquatic pursuits; I did in fact go fly fishing during my recent trip to Scotland.

Added Extras #19

uk lifestyle blogger

Holy crap balls, I fly tomorrow! It's been months of me banging on, pretending to be productive but using that as a ruse to go out more and having a million 'leaving drinks'. So with about 36 hours until I'm on a plane, I'm kind of packed but still need a panic trip to Boots and I'm a bit in denial about the whole thing.

A Lebanese Lunch at Plenty, London

salad bar cafe plenty london review

It is extremely rare that I will ever take a full lunch break at work. Generally I'll take 15 minutes to go and find/heat up some food, take it back to my desk and keep on typing away; it's ridiculous, really. But isn't it so nice to actually go somewhere, sit down and relax without checking emails for a full hour? I took advantage of a Wednesday lunch break to try out Plenty on Berners Street, in wonderful Fitzrovia.

Added Extras #18

I'M FREE! For the first time since I got my paper round at age 13, I am officially unemployed and it is WONDERFUL. Choosing to leave my job to travel was simultaneously an easy and terrifying decision (I'll write about this another time), but it feels good to be on the home stretch to that long haul flight out of the UK.

A Long Weekend in Aberdeenshire, Pt 1

st cyrus beach scotland

I've spoken before about how you don't have to go very far to see beautiful parts of the world. The stunning fjords of Norway are only a two hour flight away and my road trip around Ireland introduced me to the eye-popping greenery of the Emerald Isle. When it comes to Scotland, I've only ever been to Edinburgh and Glasgow, but never to the more rural areas. We flew into Aberdeen late on a Wednesday night, just as it started snowing and drove 40 minutes to the little village of Fettercairn in near pitch black.

Cake and Hot Chocolate at Cafe Einstein, Berlin

plate of cakes and mugs of hot chocolate

Winter is magical in Europe. I mean, it's cold, but it's pretty. On my trip to Berlin I was hell bent on finding hot chocolate, mulled wine and anything else that would keep me toasty warm from the inside. After landing mid-afternoon, we set out for a snack and as luck would have it, we were staying a stone's throw from Cafe Einstein.

Added Extras #17

uk lifestyle blogger

It's been three months in the making but I am finally in the last week of my notice period. Which means I'm now suddenly extremely aware that I fly in just over two weeks and oh my god I have so much to do! Moving my stuff into storage, seeing friends and family, packing everything I need for three months lists are breeding lists and making baby lists all over the shop and I can't keep up. So I went to Scotland, because why not?
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