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My First Hot Yoga Class

Yoga mats

I am a woman firmly set in her gym routine. I hate cardio, so I go to classes like Body Attack rather than slogging it out on a cross trainer where I'm likely to die of boredom. For strength, I use free weights and secretly, I quite enjoy it. But neither of these deal with flexibility, and I've tried yoga before to help with this. If I'm honest, I never feel like it does much. No burn the next day, no intense craving for carbs immediately afterwards.

Added Extras #31

UK lifestyle blog


That kind of sums up last week. Aside from  the excitement of a new job, everything else seemed to go a bit tits up, and I'm not even just talking about the referendum (although WTactualF). I'm just a bit lost, which is painfully ironic considering for the first time in four months I'm in familiar surroundings and have regular access to Google Maps.

Red Chilli Crab at Momma Kong's, Singapore

Red chilli crab and black pepper crab at Momma Kong's, Singapore

As much as I genuinely adored the hawker food in Singapore, there was one place that had a buzz loud enough that it drew me away from the £2 murtabak I'd taken to demolishing everyday. Singapore is famous for its red chilli crab so I booked a table at Momma Kong's for me and a very jet-lagged Kristabel, who just so happened to be in the country at the same time as me!

Feeling Homesick

Bay of Islands, New Zealand

When have you felt most homesick?

I remember being a new graduate, living (stubbornly) in my uni town, working three jobs to pay for a shite bedsit and wondering what the hell I was doing. I felt really alone and super stressed and all I wanted to do is go back to my mum's house.

Added Extras #30

UK Lifestyle Blog

It's been a bit of an odd week. At the very beginning I was arriving home from three months away and at the very end, starting a completely new chapter of my life. 2016 is really turning out to be a year of enormous change for me, and hopefully it's all for the best. The rest of this week, though? Not that much to be honest. Trying to get back to normality, catching up with people I've missed, and just getting a bit organised. It's nice to be home, but it's going to take some getting used to!

The Beautiful Colours of Little India, Singapore

Colourful houses in Little India, Singapore

One of the things that made me fall in love with Singapore was its diversity. The population is a melting pot of cultures, backgrounds and religions, with certain areas embracing very distinctive roots and giving the feel of being in another country entirely.

A Monochrome Outfit on Melbourne's Most Colourful Street

Monochrome outfit on Melbourne's Hosier Lane
I'm wearing:
Dress - Topshop
Sunglasses - Topshop
Jacket - Mong Kok Ladies Market
Bag - Mini So
Socks - Topshop
Trainers - Nike
Remember a few months ago when I complained about being fed up of my travelling wardrobe? Well shortly after hitting publish on that post, I caved. I shopped and I don't regret a thing (and most importantly, I didn't go over my luggage allowance, praise be!). It all started with this dress.

Traditional Chinese Hotpot in Chengdu (or How I Survived the Spiciest Meal of My Life)

Chinese hotpot with vegetables and raw meats

When I went searching for culinary adventure in Chengdu, I didn't expect to find a food experience quite like this. Chengdu is in China's Sichuan province - the area of the country known for its peppercorns, chillies and fiery oils. The city itself is the home of hotpot, the Chinese dish where you essentially cook your own food at the table.

Added Extras #29

Honey, I'm hoooooooooome!

Three months down and I am back on UK soil. I missed last week's Added Extras because I was up at 5.30am, travelling from Lake Rangitata to Christchurch and during the week I just didn't have time. Knowing I was heading home soon, I started having a bit of a panic about life and had been applying for a couple of jobs a few weeks back. Before I arrived in Christchurch I had got through to a second round interview stage which involved writing a presentation for a Skype interview and well, that took up basically all of my spare time. BUT, there's still a heap of great things for this week's Added Extras:

Everything is Going to Be Alright

Everything is going to be alright neon lights at Christchurch art gallery

Do you ever feel sometimes that life is trying to tell you something?

This past year has been tough. After some twists and turns, I decided to just remove myself from things in my life that were making me miserable and take some time to do what I want. I've been completely selfish and it was necessary. My best friend reminded me recently that it is down to me to make myself happy and that is a very powerful thing to realise. She's so right. It is all down to me and me alone. But even though I know deep down which paths I need to take, it would be really bloody helpful if someone could just say, 'That is the right thing to do, well done Charlie, you win at life.'

Six Things to Do Around Marina Bay, Singapore

Supertrees in Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

Singapore has a reputation of being a clinical, shiny-new stopover, mainly due to the famous Marina Bay Sands hotel. The infinity pool is legendary but my budget practically reached out of its super-organised Excel spreadsheet to strangle me when I saw how much it would cost to stay there. Yes, the hawker food in Singapore is cheap but it's actually a pretty pricey place to visit, so walking and exploring is the most cost effective way to enjoy yourself.
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