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The Best Places to Eat in Bucharest, Romania

Navy coffee machine in The Urbanist, Bucharest

Romania isn't really known as a culinary destination, an although I loved my recent trip to Bucharest, the food on offer wasn't necessarily the main highlight. That being said, we find some great little places in the city's Old Town which were delicious AND a total bargain.

For Your Caffeine Hit

The Urbanist

The Urbanist, Bucharest

Despite proudly proclaiming BRUNCH on the window, The Urbanist's offer of sandwiches didn't quite live up to our hopes. However, what it lacked in breakfast, it made up for in coffee. I supped on a large tumbler of strong, milky latte, surrounded by draping indoor foliage and twinkly fairy lights. It was a picture perfect chill out spot on the edge of Bucharest's busiest suburb. And if you're craving something sweet, they're pretty adept at whipping up one hell of a freakshake too!

Hanging wicker chair

Latte in glass tumbler

Chocolate cookie freakshake

The Urbanist, Bucharest 030167

For Somewhere Special 

Caru' cu Bere

Stained glass windows

Grab a table outside for spectacular views of the National Bank of Romania, or sit inside to gawp at the intricate and detailed interiors of Caru' cu Bere. This is the oldest bar in Bucharest and is majestic with its mosaic floors and stained glass windows. They serve traditional Eastern European grub such as enormous pork knuckle, accompanied by similarly huge steins of beer. However, I propped up at the bar for an Irish coffee to get the Romanian chill off my bones. It was 1/4 whiskey, 1/4 coffee and 1/2 whipped cream, and let me tell you, an alcoholic caffeine super rush is pretty damn fun.

National Bank of Romania

Irish coffee with whipped cream

Caru' cu Bere, Strada Stavropoleos 5, București 030081

For Your Sweet Tooth

Gogoasa Înfuriatã

Gogoasa Infuriata, Bucharest

Just across the river from the Old Town is a little hole-in-the-wall that I'd actually walked past once and disregarded. But crossing paths later in the day when my hunger was reaching full meltdown mode, Gogoasa Înfuriatã rocked my world. Dishing out doughnuts with every variety of filling for the equivalent of 60p a piece, this unassuming little place is the epitome of a hidden gem. The apricot filled doughnut was genuinely one of my highlights of the entire trip. I wish I'd eaten 12 of them.

Rows of doughnuts

Apricot filled doughnut

Rows of doughnuts

Gogoasa Înfuriatã - various locations around Bucharest

For a Nice Place to Drink

Distrikt 42

Distrikt 42, Bucharest

I specify 'nice' here because there are plenty of places to drink in Bucharest, but some of them are less than desirable. Distrikt 42 has a pretty eclectic decor with a steam punk vibe that gives it identifiable character. We had an average burger and chips but the chilled out atmosphere was great for a couple of beers and a chat with the girls.

Steins of beer

Steam punk themed wine bar

Steam punk brass cast body

Distrikt 42, Strada Sfântul Dumitru 3, București 030167

For Traditional Romanian Food

Hanul lui Manuc

One of the oldest restaurants in Romania, Hanul lui Manuc is tucked into a private enclave overlooked by balconies and cobbled walkways. This place is as much about the surroundings and history of the place as it is about the food, but I did have a big, hearty bowl of goulash which absolutely distracted me from everything else. We had big slabs of bread and a fruity Moldovan red wine: everything I want from a wintery meal.

Purcari chateau red wine

Traditional Romanian dolls

Beef goulash

Cherry chocolate cake

Hanul lui Manuc, Str. Franceza nr. 62, Bucuresti, Sector 3, cod postal 030106


Where to eat in Bucharest, Romania


  1. Loving your posts lately lady - these places look super Pinterest worthy too, but oh my god those donuts!!

  2. Charlie Elliott4 April 2017 at 16:22

    Thanks so much, Louise! Those donuts were SUCH a bargain.

  3. Hey Charlie, Thanks for this post. The photos look incredible especially the alcoholic ice cream coffee! Wowzers! Romania has been on the bottom end of a list of places to visit but checking out the eastern side of Europe looks like quite the adventure and by the looks of it the food seems like it could be a draw. Thanks for this wanderlust. Cheers, Mark-Anthony

  4. Hi Charlie! It hink you put together a great list. I always say that if you want to really get to know a city, you have to take some time and find the best places to eat. Not only for the food, but for the overall ambience.

  5. Charlie Elliott1 May 2017 at 21:09

    To be honest, I only went to Romania because the flights were super cheap in an online sale, but I was really pleasantly surprised by what Bucharest had to offer! It's a great place for a low cost city break.

  6. Charlie Elliott1 May 2017 at 21:09

    I completely agree!


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