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How to Spend 24 Hours in Luxembourg City

What to do in Luxembourg City

My weekend in Luxembourg started like most of my European jaunts: with a Ryanair flight sale. £20 return tickets seemed too good to pass up, and so, knowing very little about the country, I decided to take in Luxembourg City by simply walking as much of it as possible, the same way I love to see any new city. I decided to pick up a Luxembourg Card for €20 which got me free entry into pretty much every attraction AND covered all of my travel, including out of the City and into other towns which was a total bargain, and then set out.

Here's how I spent a day in Luxembourg:

Made the most of local beers

Okult beer

Luxembourg City has a great selection of bars with personality. We had a great lunch of homemade quiche and salad with a local brew at Konrad - a bar that transforms into a live music venue in the evenings. Our afternoon visit was much quieter, with many cute dogs also chilling out there with their owners; but obviously this excited me just as much as the beer. 

Konrad bar, Luxembourg City


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If you're staying closer to the train station area (which is a bit of a red light hot spot, but super nice just a stone's throw from there), then wander down to Bouneweger Stuff, a beautiful little bar stocked with craft beers, board games and cheese boards to while away the evening.

Okult beer

Bouneweger Stuff, Luxembourg

Took in the history

Bourbon Plateau, Luxembourg

Luxembourg City has historic buildings and sites spilling out from every corner and you can walk from place to place easily in the space of a day. The views from the Place de la Constitution have vantage points over the Bourbon Plateau and Adolphe Bridge (which sadly was under maintenance whilst I was there), but even looking down is impressive. Luxembourg City is built on levels that you'll end up walking up and down without realising, but makes it feel like a real labyrinth to get lost in.

Place de la Constitution, Luxembourg City

Notre Dame cathedral, Luxembourg City

Just across the road is Notre-Dame Cathedral; not quite as grand as it's Parisian cousin, but still beautiful inside, and well worth popping in to. 

Stained glass window

Gargoyle water fountain

Notre Dame cathedral, Luxembourg City

Notre Dame cathedral, Luxembourg City

The most famous historical site in Luxembourg City though is the Casements du Bock. This huge, ancient defence system is a 23km network fort where thousands of soldiers and their horses lived, as well as butcheries, bakeries and candlestick makeries. They go up to 40m into the rock face, and survive because when they were abandoned and set to be demolished, people realised they'd probably collapse a large part of the City if they took them down. So they remain, and they are fascinating.

Casemates du Bock

View of the Grund from Luxembourg City casements

Casements du Bock

And if you've had enough of all the beautiful old buildings (you weirdo), you can stomp up to Mudam Luxembourg - the stunning modern art museum where the building itself is enough to blow your mind. I adored it.

Mudam modern art luxembourg

Mudam museum of modern art, Luxembourg City

Mudam museum of modern art, Luxembourg City

Looked out on beautiful views

View from chemin de la cornicheWhen you think of picturesque, chocolate-box style European views, you're thinking of Luxembourg. Pastels intermingled with beiges and creams; pointy rooftops with calm waterways flowing through the centre of it whilst soft sunshine pours over sleepy homes. Making my way up to the casemates, we looked out over Chemin de la Corniche, also known as the most Beautiful Balcony in Europe. It looks over the Grund area of the City and made me go all soft-focus, heart-eye emoji.

View from casements du bock

The Grund, Luxembourg City

And if you're brave, you can head up the Pfaffenthal Lift which looks over the gorgeous viaduct and house beyond. Oh, and it has a glass floor viewing platform, which will put your stomach firmly in your throat.

Pfaffenthal lift, Luxembourg City

View from Pfaffenthal lift

Walkway to viewing platform on Pfaffenthal Lift

Walked through vibrant streets

Yellow houses

Pastel coloured terrace houses

Street art post box

You can weave through the warren-like streets and spot the occasional bit of street art but always seem to stumble across an area showing what real life is like in Luxembourg City. The antiques market in front of the City Palace had a wonderful quartet playing, and the pooches and petals of Place Guillame II square made for a beautiful setting. 


Dog waiting for owner

Dalmatian in a flower market

Purple flowers

Antique tea cups

Luxembourg City is a place of contrasting modernity and history, easy to roam and undeservedly under the radar. Look out for those bargain flights and make it your next weekend city break.


What to do in Luxembourg City


  1. I was really interested to read you were going to Luxembourg. I went a couple of years ago for a wedding as we've got friends who live. We found there wasn't much to there but it's very pretty and the food is great!

  2. Luxembourg looks so pretty! I have a friend who is Luxembourgish so have visited her there but I find it's a destination that very few people have been to which is odd given how close it is to London! x

  3. Charlie Elliott15 May 2017 at 23:46

    It had literally never even crossed my mind to visit, but you're right, it's beautiful and SO close to home so it's perfect!

  4. Charlie Elliott15 May 2017 at 23:47

    A full day in the city was perfect, but we went out of the capital on our second day which I'd highly recommend!

  5. Ah I loved Luxembourg when I went. This post has brought back good memories!
    A Story of a Girl

  6. Charlie Elliott17 May 2017 at 23:27

    It was such a surprising little gem; I wasn't expecting it to be half as pretty as it was. I was expecting something more commercial like Frankfurt so I was so pleased to see otherwise!

  7. I'd never really given Luxembourg much consideration but it looks beautiful!

  8. Charlie Elliott21 May 2017 at 22:32

    It really is. And for £20 return, it's totally worth visiting!


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