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Flying Business Class on British Airways

Flying Business Class on British Airways

I've never turned left on a plane before. I've been lucky enough to not always be squidged up in Economy, by going one step up to Premium Economy, which I've loved every time for just a bit more space and the fact that you're allowed an actual glass to drink out of. But I've always been jealous of those in the front of the plane; the ones who get to actually lie down when the cabin lights are turned down.

View from Kingston airport runway, Jamaica

View over Jamaica from the airi

After an extremely shitty month, and two weeks of misery in Jamaica, my brother treated us to upgraded seats on our flight back home to the UK. We needed sleep and a stress-free journey to recalibrate and arrive home in as positive a mindset as possible, and my mood instantly perked up when I saw how much leg room I was going to have for the next nine hours.

Club World seat on British Airways

Everything was what I knew from British Airways, but amplified. My pillow in Club World wasn't a flat square but a proper rectangle of fluffy cloud, and my blanket was quilted and cosy. I settled in with a glass of champagne and adjusted my individual foot stool so I could recline in comfort.

Glass of champagne

Indulging in my standard long haul flight routine, I was full-on delighted by the gorgeous Elemis beauty bag with miniature goodies to help me wind down. I am constantly smothering on moisturiser and hand cream when flying, so this saved me digging out bits from my hand luggage which was neatly tucked away already.

Elemis travel size products

Aside from the sheer amount of space, the big difference in Business Class is the food. No foil lid being pulled back here; I had a menu with wine list to pick from, and three courses to indulge in. My starter was prosciutto with pickled Bosc pear, rocket salad, cracked black pepper and red wine reduction. My main of slow-braised beef with creamy mustard sauce, mashed potatoes and grilled courgette may not look much, but it was delicious, hot and served in actual crockery. Pretty impressive, in my book.

Prosciutto with pickled Bosc pear, rocket salad, cracked black pepper and red wine reduction

Slow-braised beef with creamy mustard sauce, mashed potatoes and grilled courgette, and a glass of red wine

Even my side of crusty roll, real butter, and a fresh salad with vinaigrette showed how everything in this section of the plane was just considered that little bit more. After an extremely comfortable sleep through the night, a chilled fruit juice, a proper mug of coffee and a warm pastry alongside a fruit salad again made me question if I was even on a plane at all.

Crusty roll, real butter, and a fresh salad with vinaigrette

Cup of coffee, fresh fruit and pastry

I've always wondered why a Business Class seat is so expensive, but I get it now. It's about comfort, not necessarily luxury. It's about arriving at your destination feeling human. And it's an experience that's probably ruined every future economy-class, long haul flight for me moving forwards!


  1. Oh my good lord.

    I'd love to fly business class one day - in fact, I've just added it to my "40 before 40" goals list, for which I am blaming you entirely. Well, that and the fact that ever since my sister moved to Dubai and I'm flying Emirates relatively regularly, I'm having to walk past ever more glorious-looking reclining seats. It's just SO EXPENSIVE though, and you're absolutely right - when the difference is that you arrive at your destination feeling human, it makes me resent cattle class even more! But we brought it on ourselves with our constant demand for cheap flights, I guess.

    Still have to catch up with your Jamaica posts, I have them bookmarked.

    Lis / last year's girl x

  2. One day I'll fly first class, one day... x

  3. ooooooooooooor you fly first from here on out. #options

  4. It's definitely something to save up for rather than do regularly. For me, anyway!

  5. 1 flight every two years. One way.

  6. Yeah you will!


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