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Hello! I'm Charlie, 28 years old and living in London. I have been writing this blog for years, it's only now that I'm really finding out what I love to write about. I'm all about food, travel, discovering new and exciting things to do, and wearing fabulous clothes. There's a bazillion things I want to do and places I want to see, and this blog is about trying to get them all done, on a budget, while wearing something awesome.

I like:

Leopard print / chunky knits / baking / 90s chick flicks / fairy lights / jumble sales / costume jewellery / slow cookers / writing letters / Marmite / skinny jeans / Le Creuset / board games / knitting / Audrey Hepburn / rollercoasters / cruelty free cosmetics / London / cocktails / Christmas / nail art / British comedies / green tea

I don't like:

Feet / balloons / people singing the wrong words to a song / cold showers / flatforms / selfishness / mint / flaky skin / being late / bad grammar / not saying please and thank you / pineapple / cheap umbrellas

Being a professional social media luvvie, I love working with brands. For more info, check out my contact page.

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  1. I don't like feet either! I don't even wear sandals most of the time... 😘


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