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Dinner at The Diner, Islington

Meatloaf hoagie

My favourite sorts of people to go out to eat with are those who also want to try everything on the menu, and think it's a good idea to dump everything in the middle of the table so nobody gets food envy. Me and my friends have this down to a tee, and I think our monumental order during our most recent visit to the newly relaunched outpost of The Diner* in Islington may have taken our waitress slightly aback.

Three Awesome and Affordable Places to Eat in Hong Kong

Chilli scrambled eggs, bacon and rocket

Hong Kong has strong elements of London's vibe, with food trends and brunch culture being alive and well. Each time I've been to Hong Kong I've been overwhelmed by where to eat, because generally, you can't really go wrong. However, you can end up overspending. It's not the cheapest place to visit, but it is exciting.

Proper Pizza at The Marquis of Wellington, Bermondsey

Pizza at Marquis of Wellington, Bermondsey

Whenever I'm away on a big holiday, I always plan something to look forward to when I'm back. You know, to soften the blow a bit. It doesn't have to be anything spectacular, but something like a pizza date with my favourite American gal pal seemed perfect.

Three Delicious Places to Eat on the Isle of Wight

View from ferry port on isle of wight

We are lucky to have some beautiful food heritage here in the UK, from Cheddar cheese to Yorkshire puddings, you can find fresh produce and tried and tested recipes that are staples of the nation in every county. I knew very little about the Isle of Wight before my recent trip; my previous visits being in my childhood or a few weekends at Bestival.

Pub Grub at The Happenstance, London

Chorizo scotch egg with paprika mayonnaise and rocket

When it comes to pub food there's a gap in the market between reheated frozen lasagne and Michelin starred cuisine. You take a risk eating somewhere who, up front, deals predominantly in pints, but it paid off at The Happenstance.

An Organic Sunday Roast at The Duke of Cambridge, Islington

Sunday roast dinner at Duke of Cambridge, Islington

I live up to my British heritage when I say unwaveringly that I LOVE a roast dinner. One of those spilling-over-the-plate, all-the-trimmings affairs, with a healthy mix of bad-for-you beige and wonderfully colourful veggies.

The Duke of Cambridge is tucked away in quintessentially quaint Islington; a stone's throw from Camden Passage eateries but with an entirely different vibe.

Steak and Whiskey at The 1515 West Chophouse, Shanghai

Review of The 1515 West Chophouse and Bar in the Shangri-La hotel, Shanghai

I rarely cook steak at home, but then I often feel it's a wasted order in a restaurant too. Very few places do steak perfectly and I certainly didn't expect to find somewhere that would nail such a challenge in Shanghai.

Dinner at Di Shui Dong, Shanghai

Crunchy prawns, cumin ribs, aubergine, mapo tofu

I found it surprisingly difficult to find affordable, good quality Chinese food in Shanghai. It is definitely the most multicultural city I've been to in China, which means there are some amazing European restaurants to be found, but I was in China for goodness sake!

Like most accessibly priced restaurant in China, there's no airs and graces at Di Shui Dong and certainly no fancy decor.

Red Chilli Crab at Momma Kong's, Singapore

Red chilli crab and black pepper crab at Momma Kong's, Singapore

As much as I genuinely adored the hawker food in Singapore, there was one place that had a buzz loud enough that it drew me away from the £2 murtabak I'd taken to demolishing everyday. Singapore is famous for its red chilli crab so I booked a table at Momma Kong's for me and a very jet-lagged Kristabel, who just so happened to be in the country at the same time as me!

Traditional Chinese Hotpot in Chengdu (or How I Survived the Spiciest Meal of My Life)

Chinese hotpot with vegetables and raw meats

When I went searching for culinary adventure in Chengdu, I didn't expect to find a food experience quite like this. Chengdu is in China's Sichuan province - the area of the country known for its peppercorns, chillies and fiery oils. The city itself is the home of hotpot, the Chinese dish where you essentially cook your own food at the table.

Chinese Hotpot at Shuang Shuang, London

chinese hotpot london restaurant

The word 'hotpot' for me has connotations of a thick meat stew topped with potatoes, served by Betty in Coronation Street. It wasn't until I went to Beijing in 2014 that I first heard of, and tried, the Chinese version: a pot of boiling broth in the middle of a table, surrounded by various raw meats and vegetables ready to dunk.

Dinner with Take Eat Easy

take eat easy app review

Living in London not only means I am spoilt for choice with restaurants, but also for takeaway options. Every time I see one of those Just Eat adverts with the singing weirdos in spandex I feel my wallet screaming at me to never buy from them again, and to be honest I like to have a wider choice.

Dinner and Drag Queens at The Glam Clam Cabaret

best uk bloggers

You know sometimes when you and your mates look back on a night out that you always have an anecdote from? One of those evenings where you have hundreds of photos, a sore throat the next morning and something weird in your bag that you forgot you'd swiped on your way home. That pretty much sums up the evening I had at The Glam Clam with the best bunch of blogger buddies a gal could wish for.

Hawaiian Burgers at Kua'Aina, Goodge Street

top uk food blogs

When Kua'Aina opened, a mere stones throw from my old office, I wasn't interested at all. Hawaiian burger joint? Sounded like a gimmick to me, and I'm precious about my burgers. It turns out that I'd made a bit of presumption. Kua'Aina started off as a burger and sandwich shack in Hawaii, attracting global attention, including that of two London based guys who loved it so much they brought it over to our fair shores.

Dinner Down Memory Lane with Marie Curie

marie curie dinner down memory lane

I wish I'd been alive in the 70s. Fleetwood Mac, The Two Ronnies, flares, Woodstock, The Clangers, fringing, ABBA - it's the decade that I inadvertently always end up channeling (mainly with my accidentally morning 'fros that basically turn me into a less attractive Marc Bolan).

Dinner at Shoryu, Kingly Court

ramen restaurants london

Cronuts, burgers, pulled pork; us Londoners love a food craze. Over the last year ramen has joined the ranks of the city's favourite dishes with restaurants dedicated to the stuff popping up everywhere. I still haven't made it to Kanada-Ya due to the stupid queues outside it around the clock, but I did manage to get into Koya before it closed down. Shoryu is bringing ramen to the masses, with four outposts now trading and introducing people to the very basics of the dish and its origins.

Dinner at Smoking Goat, Soho

smoking goat restaurant review

The thing with trying to find somewhere to eat in London is that everywhere looks so unassuming. Some of the best places I've eaten at have little-to-no branding and only seat 20 people max. Smoking Goat looks like a standard side street dingy bar from the outside and is on Denmark Street, in the grey area between Soho and Covent Garden.

Barbecuing with Quorn

easy vegetarian bbq recipes

The wonderful pleasure of a summer barbecue has been ruined for me living in London. We aren't allowed to have one on our balcony, and those piddly disposable ones you have in local parks just burn everything. That and it hasn't stopped raining since 1994 (or at least that's what it feels like). For me, a barbecue is normally a meat feast and I am totally fine with that. There may be some sort of salad that's predominantly there for decoration, but for me a barbecue is just not a vegetarian meal.

Vintage Salt: Dinner on Selfridges Rooftop

vintage salt review

It would appear that summer is playing silly buggers. The amount of genuinely sunny days have been extremely limited, but when they do appear I've been sure to make the most of it by dining al fresco. Every season, the roof of Selfridges' flagship Oxford Street store changes its aesthetic and more importantly, its menu, for dinner and drinks looking over central London rooftops. This season it's Vintage Salt, a nautical themed spot with a penchant for fish dishes.

The Faulty Towers Theatrical Dining Experience

faulty towers dining experience review

I've written before about the importance of British comedy in my life and Fawlty Towers has always been one of my favourite TV shows. So imagine my surprise when, sat making bath bombs at a Joe Blogs event, I see the spitting image of Manuel walk past holding a tray of drinks and looking very flustered. I assumed it was just a lookalike and shrugged it off as nothing special, until a few minutes later the doppelgängers of both Sybil and Basil Fawlty strolled past the door.
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