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What I Ate in Paris

pierre herme chocolate foie gras macaroon

Food is such an integral part of any trip I make; I often plan where I'm going to eat before I decide what tourist attractions I'll take in. Of course, I've heard much about the food in France, but as cheese, chocolate and red wine are all readily available in England, I never really thought much of it. But the stereotypes are there for a reason and I embraced them on my trip to Paris before Christmas. 

A Weekend in Paris

eiffel tower perspective

I've travelled to some incredible places, far from home, yet before Christmas I had never been to Paris. The people I told were always shocked that I hadn't taken the short trip across the Channel; it seems a rite of passage for any British person to have a weekend break there, and even I found it strange that I'd got to 26 without ever visiting.
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