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Touring Temples in Singapore's Chinatown

Thian Hock Keng temple, Singapore

Chinatown is undeniably the most vibrant area of Singapore to explore. I had amazing food there numerous times (including Kaya toast for breakfast and red chilli crab at dinner), and my love for the colourful shutters on all the buildings in the neighbourhood is certainly no secret. Hidden within the warren-like streets, looked down on by high rise offices and residences, there are some beautiful temples.

The Prettiest Streets in Singapore

Colourful shutters in Chinatown, Singapore

My camera was totally unprepared for how unbelievable pretty Singapore's architecture is. If I'm going to go whole hog with some ridiculous verbs, I'll throw it out there and say the place is wonderfully 'Instagrammable'. Every street has a personality, but ultimately, it has colour. Bright blocks of boldness, mosaics and patterns on tiles and walls, and the shutters.

Red Chilli Crab at Momma Kong's, Singapore

Red chilli crab and black pepper crab at Momma Kong's, Singapore

As much as I genuinely adored the hawker food in Singapore, there was one place that had a buzz loud enough that it drew me away from the £2 murtabak I'd taken to demolishing everyday. Singapore is famous for its red chilli crab so I booked a table at Momma Kong's for me and a very jet-lagged Kristabel, who just so happened to be in the country at the same time as me!

The Beautiful Colours of Little India, Singapore

Colourful houses in Little India, Singapore

One of the things that made me fall in love with Singapore was its diversity. The population is a melting pot of cultures, backgrounds and religions, with certain areas embracing very distinctive roots and giving the feel of being in another country entirely.

Six Things to Do Around Marina Bay, Singapore

Supertrees in Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

Singapore has a reputation of being a clinical, shiny-new stopover, mainly due to the famous Marina Bay Sands hotel. The infinity pool is legendary but my budget practically reached out of its super-organised Excel spreadsheet to strangle me when I saw how much it would cost to stay there. Yes, the hawker food in Singapore is cheap but it's actually a pretty pricey place to visit, so walking and exploring is the most cost effective way to enjoy yourself.

Breakfast at Ya Kun Kaya Toast, Singapore

Kaya toast with poached eggs and sweet milk tea

I struggle at breakfast time in Asia. It is mostly just a choice of food I'd normally have for lunch or dinner, and quite often it will involve some sort of chilli sauce which is just a bit too much for my constitution so early on in the day.  The thing is, I know that when I have a full day of exploring planned, I need to load up on calories to keep myself going. In preparation for a full day in Singapore's Chinatown I headed to Ya Kun Kaya Toast - a cafe chain but with the feel of an independent store.

The Best Hawker Food in Singapore

Hawker centre food in Singapore

With fancy hotels and shiny skyscrapers, I was expecting Singapore to be one of the more expensive parts of my big trip. However, not only is local food obscenely cheap, it is also unbelievably good. Hawker centres are imperative to every day live for Singaporeans, with a handy bus advert informing me that locals eat at them 6 - 7 times a week, and I basically followed suit during my stay.

A Luxurious Stay at Pan Pacific Hotel, Singapore

pan pacific hotel singapore

I have a standard outfit for travelling on this trip. It involves wearing the heavy, cumbersome items that are also generally the most comfortable so that I don't have to try and squeeze them into my rucksack which is already heavy enough please and thank you. I arrived at the Pan Pacific in this uniform: ripped mom jeans, trainers, a hoody tied around my waist and no make-up and instantly stood out as 'the backpacker'.
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