Explore: The Museum of Broken Relationships

I feel that now I’m living in London I can start doing all the things that I get constant email and Twitter alerts for – the galleries, the special events, the gigs. So this weekend I (and my not so impressed boyfriend) went to The Museum of Broken Relationships, a temporary exhibition at Tristan Bates Theatre in Covent Garden. Originally shown in Croatia, the exhibit highlights how the most seemingly irrelevant items and trinkets can hold meaning and memories, and how important it is for their owner to give them up to move on. The items on display ranged from the expected (teddy bears, wedding gowns) to the bizarre (feminine hygiene wash, a baby grand piano). All of them had an explanation from their previous owner attached, many with frankly ridiculous metaphors about love lost, but others were amusing, and even bordering on inspiring (in the case of the positive heroin test on show, the result of one woman’s loss of trust in her other half and how it persuaded her to move on). It’s a cute observation into natural human obsession and passion, however overall it was pretty disappointing. The tense one chord muzak in the background, the dimmed lights and tip-toeing around precariously balanced bric-a-brac made it feel just that little bit pretentious. I think the aim of the exhibit is to be able to look upon the items and relate to them, or even to laugh in places, but the majority of people were treating it like a wake, or at the very least a chance to sneakily grope their other half in a half-hearted attempt to reassure each other that they would NEVER end up in a situation like those in the exhibits. 

So it was only right that we headed to the pub afterwards. It can be a bit frustrating when looking for somewhere to have a drink in central London, not just because of the weekend crowds but also because of all of the choice! There’s an underlying pressure to pick somewhere impressive rather than just ending up in a Wetherspoons (which as a former resident of Milton Keynes was normally the only and best option of place to drink). But more often than not it’s luck, which is what led us to The Salisbury a few months ago. With the unrelenting rain we found ourselves back there as it offers a few good ales and has no sports colours. It’s also right next to Wyndham’s Theatre which allowed me to do a little excited geek dance at the crowd of people awaiting David Tennant at the stage door, but then to get dragged away by my boyfriend who is most definitely NOT a Dr Who fan. Does anyone have any recommendations for other places to drink in and around Covent Garden? It’s an area of London I love for shopping, but I always struggle to find somewhere to have a drink. As much as I like The Salisbury I’d rather try somewhere new next time so any ideas are appreciated!

Ticket price: £3.50

Two pints of Tribute ale: £8

Oyster top-up: £10

Pret sandwich: £3.95

Total: £25.45