Explore: London Blogger Meetup

As you can see from scrolling down, I haven’t been blogging for all that long. It’s still a bit of a strange new world for me, so yesterday’s London Blogger Meetup at The Long Acre seemed the perfect opportunity to speak to some pros and meet others from the ‘blogosphere’ (a blogging term I’m not all too comfortable with using yet!). 

Held in central London almost slap bang in the middle of Leicester Square and Covent Garden tube stations at a corner placed pub called The Long Acre, the event was a chance to put faces to domains and included a presentation by travel blogger Heather Cowper (check out her blog, Heather on Her Travels). I have to say it was all a bit overwhelming as a new kid on the blog (‘scuse the pun) but it really is fascinating that people can actually make a living out blogging, or be endorsed by a brand. 

Of course this blog is about my spending, and I wouldn’t be writing this post if I hadn’t spent some money. I attended the event with two fabulous colleagues of mine, Pink Julep and Pauper Princess and as we went straight from work we grabbed food at Bella Italia (as Pizza Express had a long wait and Angus Steakhouse didn’t have enough veggie options for PP). I am such a sucker for calzone whenever I go to an Italian as it’s something I never have at home. It was chicken and spinach which was pretty good, but not a touch on the chicken and chili one from Zizzi’s – that bad boy will sizzle off your taste buds and leave you with no choice but to order more wine! 

At the event we had a few beers, and I have to say that I’m still struggling with London prices, especially as my local in York was a Sam Smith’s pub that didn’t charge more than £1.80 a pint. A rare thing I know, and there are Sam Smith’s pubs in London – my favourite being the Dover Castle in Marylebone so I’ll have to reminisce there soon! 

Did anybody else attend the meetup? It’d be nice to meet more bloggers in the future so keep me posted!

Meal at Bella Italia: £11
3 Peronis: £13.50 
Total: £24.50