Comedy: Chris Addison

It turns out there’s a little known theatre in Chiswick, based above a pub next to Turham Green tube station. The Tabard Theatre may only hold around 50 people, but it seems to attract some well known faces as well as the expected local productions. On Monday and Tuesday night Chris Addison, the stand-up comic as well as star of Mock the Week and The Thick of It, performed brand new, never heard by human ears material for the measly price of five English pounds. I couldn’t believe my luck! He’s someone I’ve wanted to go and see perform for quite a while, but what with me being stingy AND lazy it never really happened. But here he was, practically on my doorstep!

Titled ‘Chris Addison And The Disorganised Sheafs of Paper’, Addison admitted at the beginning that we were essentially his guinea pigs. The shows were to figure out what was actually funny and what should just stay on paper in preparation for his next major tour. It was fascinating to see him come out and actually refer to paper notes and switch on his dictaphone for reference; but that didn’t deter from the performance, it still came across as perfectly natural. Just because it was a ‘trial run’ didn’t mean that he didn’t throw himself into it, his energy was high and his frantic hair grabbing when he was grasping for words was hilarious in itself. 

I won’t give too much away in terms of what he actually talked about as I don’t want to ruin it for anyone who goes to see the finished article (even though inevitably some bits will be taken out), but what I love about his comedy is his observations on everyday life. His comments on his Twitter addiction and the hype over Kate Middleton’s wardrobe were so perfectly articulated, and they received such a positive reaction because he’d tapped into the thoughts of the whole audience. Even when talking about ‘suffering from a mild form of fame’ he didn’t alienate the audience as we could all picture the exact type of person who’d shout ‘OI! MOCK THE WEEK!’ at him – it wasn’t condescending, it was self-deprecating, and that’s always guaranteed to tickle me!

See the listing for The Tabard here. Or at least drop in for a pint of Bitter & Twisted beer!