Music: Festival Necessities

Well, festival season is nearly over. I promised myself I’d do at least one this year but that didn’t quite work out, until a couple of week’s ago my friend Ms J invited me along to Bestival with her. I’ve not really done too many festivals in the past, but there are standard must-haves, especially as the weather is predicted to be abysmal this weekend!

First up is food and drink. Obviously the standard festival fare is disposable bbq and vodka, but we’ve decided to just buy food there and have some snacks along the way. So there’s cookies and crisps for the sugar rush, and cereal bars and fruit for when I feel guilty after my 7th bacon sandwich with extra chips. Drinks are consisting of mixers and a big juicy box of wine (which takes me back to my student days!). Disgusting? Maybe. But there’s no glass bottles allowed and it’s, you know…!


When it comes to clothes, I’d love to say that I’ve embraced the whole festival chic thing, but to be honest I’m more worried about staying dry and warm! I’ve got skinny jeans to tuck into wellies as well as a pair of vintage Levi shorts just in case the sun decides to make an appearance. I’ve literally chucked a couple of reasonably plain tees in as I plan to be wearing jumpers most of the time, including the big sexy grey one in the picture below which HUGE. It’s from a beautiful vintage shop called Purple Haze in York and is long enough to be worn just with leggings, but that won’t be the case for Bestival.

Keeping warm this weekend!

Of course, the main thing people wear at festivals is WELLIES! I’m going to be wading through the mud in my lovely Roxy pair that I really don’t get enough wear out of. I’ve also chucked in a pair of sandals, but I think that may be a bit optimistic…

Shoe oxymoron

Ms J is providing the tent, and I’m taking no risks when it comes to being warm and relatively comfortable. I’ve got my pillow, sleeping bag, roll mat and slanket (that’s right, the blanket with sleeves!) at the ready!

Comfort stuffs

And then there’s the cosmetics stash. I’m a freak for smellies so it’s hard to keep this section light! The must-haves are of course, toilet roll, hand sanitiser, dry shampoo and a toothbrush. But other essentials for me are headache tablets (for the hangovers), earplugs (as purchased because of the noisy neighbours) and sunscreen (because as I said, I’m keeping my fingers crossed!). My two Lush necessities are Ultrabalm and Go Green. Ultrabalm is basically a multi-use wonder product that I use as a lip balm, skin soother, eyebrow smoother, cuticle balm and clear mascara (to name a few uses!). Go Green has sadly been discontinued, but I stocked up! This is my last one, but it is honestly the only thing I know of that covers any smell! It was supposed to be a body spray, but I use it as a room freshener and it’s fab. Electrics wise, there obviously won’t be any plugs, and I’ll manage to charge my phone in the press area, but I’m also prepared with my torch! I’ll never be able to find anything in my enormous bag otherwise!

Cosmetic warrior

So here it is. My life for the next 3 days packed into a rucksack, an Ikea bag and my favourite brown satchel. Wish me luck!

Ta dah!