Life: A Very Happy Birthday!

Well, it’s been 5 days since I turned 23 and I’ve only been able to write about it now because it was it’s taken me this long to get over the excitement! This year my birthday went beyond all excitement and was full blown bloody brilliant!

As you’ve probably seen, the weekend before I went to Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes with some of my besties, but for the actual day I headed back to Milton Keynes to spend the day with my family. Those that know me will already be aware that I share my birthday with my mum, which many people find hard to comprehend. Most people love their birthday because it’s a day all about them and I constantly get asked what it’s like to share mine. Of course, I don’t know any different as it’s always been that way! But I wouldn’t change it for the world, because as far as I’m concerned my day is just made all the more special because I get to share it with my favourite person in the world. This year though, I had another relative enter the world on the 20th which is definitely up there with one of the best birthday presents ever! I’m already aunt to 3 beautiful nephews, and last week saw the birth of my first niece, Alexa.

Me playing the proud aunt!

And this year, my Mum and I actually received the same present from one relative! While I’d actually asked for mine, she had not and was very pleasantly surprised by being given a Kindle! A lot of people I’ve spoken to about it have said they don’t want one as they love books, but I don’t think having a Kindle means you don’t like actual books. I have an iPod but I still buy CDs! I wanted one for a couple of reasons: I live in a flat share and don’t have any storage for new books, but still want to read new things; and I travel on the train quite frequently, and it is so much lighter than a huge book. I’ve downloaded the entire collection of Sherlock Holmes for a bargain 89p and it’s no heavier than a thin paperback.

Matching birthdays, matching presents!

However, now I’ve got a Kindle, I won’t actually be travelling quite so much. I had another surprise on my birthday which was that my boyfriend is moving from Manchester to London! It seems I won’t be travelling on the train so much anymore (thank goodness!), but there is always the tube.

If anyone has any recommendations for Kindle downloads then let me know!


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