Books: I Heart My Kindle!

One of the downsides about where I currently live is the lack of storage space. I’ve utilised every bit of space above, underneath and within each piece of furniture; I’ve got boots crammed down the side of the bed and clothes piled in front of the wardrobe. The worst thing though is that I have no room for new books. The bookcase is fit to burst with old favourites that I can’t bear to store with my other crap in my parents’ loft until I can afford somewhere bigger, as well as my slight obsession with recipe books which I have to say is starting to get out of control. So this year for my birthday I was so so excited to get an Amazon Kindle

Me and my mum with our Kindles for our birthday

It’s amazing though that something that positively encourages people to read by getting them excited through technology seems to be a bit of a sore point with many of my friends and peers. “But I love real books!” they cry. Well yeah, so do I! I also love real CDs but I still have an iPod! Here’s why getting an e-reader is a good idea:

  • It’s so much lighter than loads of books. Ever tried ramming Catch 22 into your clutch bag for some ‘light’ reading on the tube? It’s not easy!
  • Saves on storage space (as noted above).
  • You can download a sample of any book for free, so you don’t waste your money. A way of testing out a book without getting dirty looks from the staff in Waterstones.
  • You can get some amazing bargains. Many of the classics are free or really cheap. I got the complete chronicles of Sherlock Holmes for 89p!

A Kindle doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy reading or appreciate books – on the contrary! It means that you want to read so many books you can’t feasibly store them anymore! 

What do you think about Kindles? Book-killer or book-saver?