Explore: Ice Skating at the Natural History Museum

Ah Christmas, the time of year where everyone in the country gets that Torvill & Dean feeling and heads off to the local ice rink. And they are local – I don’t remember it being this way when I was younger, but as soon as the festive mood hits, temporary ice rinks now pop up all over the place, and are sprinkled all over London at some of the city’s top tourist attractions.

Last year I went to the rink at the Tower of London, this year I hit the Natural History Museum. Turns out if you want to go to the famous Somerset House rink at a time that isn’t bedtime or in the middle of the working day then you have to book in advance in October. However, the setting of the NHM was stunning. The whole building was lit in blue lights, there were fairy lights in the trees and the obligatory Christmas tunes piped into the air. 

So we strapped into the standard painful toe-pinching, ankle-destroying ice skates and took to the ice (remember to take an extra pair of thick socks)! The most important thing to note is that I did not fall over. My cousin who I was with did a spectacular treble spin, legs splayed style fall which caused me to shriek like a banshee with laughter, but aside from that we were relatively unharmed.

It was about £14 for an hours worth of skating (which is more than enough), and there’s stewards who help you out if you’re struggling (when they’re not flirting with sexy Europeans in tight tight leggings!), and make sure you can get back up again if you fall. It’s a great atmosphere with all levels and ages there, and it’s definitely made me feel more Christmassy! 

Take a look here for a full list of all the temporary rinks up in London over the holidays.