Shopping: Urban Outfitters Wedges

Oh look, another new and exciting weekly installment! Every Thursday I’ll be posting up my latest bargain, whether it’s an item of clothing, something on my food list for the week, or an event I’ve been to. Let’s get back to the root of this blog and remember it’s all about me being poor, and bargains are what I live for!

This week’s bargain are these Kimchi & Blue burgundy wedges from Urban Outfitters:

I’ve been wanting to bridge the big gap in my shoe collection between massive stilettos and pumps/boots. I love seeing girls wearing heels in the daytime, just with jeans or something casual, but I can never find a pair that I don’t feel overly dressed up in.

Enter these beauties! Reduced from £48 to £30, they’re also available in brown and black, but I adore this berry colour for this season – it’s everywhere and I can’t get enough of it! Hopefully these will be my easy transition from daywear to nightwear, from work to a restaurant, and they look pretty comfortable to shop in too. Definitely check out the Urban Outfitters January sale, in store and online riiiiiiiiiight……….NOW!


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