Shopping: Buying an Outfit for Christmas Day

I now work perilously close to some very good shops. In my opinion, East London has the best shopping in the city with a mixture of markets, vintage stores, boutiques and high street in a pretty close knit area. There’s the legendary Spitalfields and Petticoat Lane markets and Brick Lane all within 3 minutes of my office, so it take a lot of strength to hold back from innocently wandering around at lunch time.

A perfect example is Tuesday, when I went out to stock up on Christmas cards. Needless to say I didn’t buy any as I was lured into Urban Outfitters – my favourite of favourite high street stores. I bought a couple of things under the premise of wearing them for Christmas day so TECHNICALLY it was OK! I always find picking an outfit for the big day a bit stressful as ultimately I won’t be leaving the house, however I will probably be photographed throughout the day, so I need something that is:

1) Easy to sit down in. This rules out skinny jeans as the blood flow cuts off my legs after 30 seconds of sitting on the floor.
2) Elasticated or easily adjusted. For when I stuff my face with turkey and Twiglets (not necessarily at the same time).
3) Not over the top. Because it’s not a wedding, I’ll be with my family who have seen me at my worst, but it is after all a special day.

So behold! My Christmas outfit purchases!

£20 in the sale

It’s red therefore it’s festive. I’m going to pair it with high denier black tights too. Not even thinking about shoes as I intend to wear Christmas socks or slippers to keep my tootsies toasty.

Silver collar necklace £18

I think I’ll probably wear a plain black top, or a vintage jumper with silver threading when it gets colder. Either way this collar necklace gives it a bit of oomph.

WIP nail polish £6

And finally I got lured into buying this at the till point. I don’t own many statement silver rings so instead I’m bringing the bling to my nails and decking them out in this glittery beast. Perfick!

(All photos from the Urban Outfitters website)