Music: Christmas Playlist

I’m obsessed with making lists. Apparently it’s a Virgo thing. Maybe it’s because I have to organise everything from my meals to my outfits weeks in advance. So obviously the next logical step is to share these lists with the lovely readers of this here blog, one each week (on a Tuesday), to help inspire some organisation into your lives, or at least to share some attempted wisdom.

As it’s Christmas NEXT WEEK, the first To-Do List Tuesday is dedicated to festive songs. That’s right, tunes to have on in the background while your basting the turkey, or passing out from too many mince pies. Here are my must-have downloads for Christmas 2011:

1) It’s Christmas (And I Hate You) – Paloma Faith & Josh Weller

It’s not as miserable as it sounds, the tune is pretty jaunty, and it’s funny more than anything. Perfect for singing at the other half when you’ve had too much mulled wine.

2) All I Want For Christmas Is You – Mariah Carey
Now normally, Mimi makes me want to self harm, HOWEVER, it can’t be denied that this is a classic that is guaranteed to make you hurt yourself attempting the high notes. The ultimate girls night in sing-a-long.

3) Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas – She & Him
The devine Zooey Deschanel paired up with M Ward are constantly in my ‘Favourite Bands Ever Ever’ list, and their album ‘A Very She & Him Christmas‘ is so traditional it’ll make your granny reminisce about the good old days.

4) Santa Claus Is Coming To Town – Michael Buble
Another cover, but Michael Buble’s Christmas album is just so……..Christmassy! He’s a suave old motherlicker and those dulcet tones and videos of walking through snow are just the cherry on the Christmas cake.

5) I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday – Wizzard
I don’t care if I look uncool dancing to this around my kitchen (and my housemates can testify that I did indeed do this at the weekend), this song is my childhood Christmas memories wrapped into one. I always remember watching the video on Top of the Pops 2 on Christmas Day with the lead singer and his multi-coloured beard and paper streams in his hair. Aces.

6) Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree – Brenda Lee
I have two memories of this song. 1) It being heavily featured in Home Alone. 2) Dancing to it in silver hotpants that my mum made me on stage at a school production when I was 11. Despite the small amount of trauma induced, I still love the song.

For my full Christmas playlist on Spotify click here (but beware, there’s some naughty words in there!).


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