Life: Getting Home at Christmas

I remember when getting home for Christmas meant waiting outside McDonald’s at Milton Keynes shopping centre for my stepdad to pick me up from a shift at The Body Shop. Those were simple days. Then I became a student and made the wonderful decision to live 300 miles away in York. Unable to live off just my student loan, I also had a job at Lush, which I adored, but meant I couldn’t travel home until Christmas Eve. One particularly memorable journey involved all trains to London being cancelled, having to get on a train to Birmingham instead so I could switch trains and get to MK but then being fined on the train as it was an ‘unreasonable diversion route’. MY ARSE. Who knew Scrooge was now a train conductor?

Anyway. So now I live in London and I’m hoping that the snow won’t stop me from travelling a mere 40 miles by train instead. Today’s To-Do List is how to prepare for travelling back home at Christmas. Good luck!

1) Don’t leave packing until the day before. You WILL forget one person’s present and they WILL be upset about it.

2) Think about Suitcase Tetris. Everything needs to fit in around everything else. Don’t pack that lovely squishable box of biscuits for your gran underneath the two bottles of wine you plan on necking when you finally arrive.

3) Remember your connection to the outside world. It’s lovely to go home at Christmas (and any other time), but I can’t be the only one that gets so bloody angry if I forget my sodding phone charger. And obviously take your laptop because how else will you be able to start shopping in the online sales at midnight on Boxing Day?!

4) Try and get an off peak train. Wrestling with commuters and shoppers while you’re hauling your suitcase through Euston isn’t ideal and will make you either sweaty, angry, or both.

5) Have at least 2 decent outfits. One for Christmas Day, one for unexpected fanciness.

6) Aside from that just take comfies. Slippers, pyjamas, big jumpers, anything with an elasticated waistband.

And with all that you’ll be sorted and comfy, you’ll arrive stress free and enjoy the festivities. I’m heading home tomorrow and I CAN’T WAIT. Merry Christmas!!