Life: How to Prepare for New Years Eve

People seem to be split between two groups when it comes to New Years Eve. The first love it, and cannot wait to dress up, hit the town and drink into the early hours. The second can’t stand the bother, knowing that it will nearly always be a disappointment and ridiculously overpriced. I’m in the latter. Don’t get me wrong, I like a night out, I like getting dressed up. But New Years Eve just seems to be a chance of any idiot available to shout, puke and get in my way. I don’t want to pay £50 to get into a club or bar that’s usually free, and pay even more for drinks that are already hiked up because I’m in London. And the biggest thing is the expectation. People EXPECT that it will be the best night of the year, and in my experience, the more you plan an evening the less chance there is for spontaneity and therefore less chance for fun.

I’ve had a couple of great NYEs though. And today’s To-Do List Tuesday is a little guide on how to make the last night of 2011 a good one.

1) It’s all about timing
Don’t plan too far in advance, but don’t leave it until the last minute. I reckon optimum time is about 9 days beforehand. That way you don’t make a rash decision to go to that bar with that person you hate, but you also don’t end up staying in alone eating Ben & Jerry’s from the tub watching Jools Holland in your pjs.

2) Wardrobe decisions
Despite not having any firm idea of where you’re going, plan your outfit well in advance! If you’re anything like me and leave it until the last minute you’ll either end up wearing something you hate, or refusing to go out at all (This has happened to me. In fact I have been known to go home and get changed once I’m out too, but that was in my student days of being fickle and within walking distance of my house). Oh, and if you wear heels, cram some flats in your bag. No high heels are still comfortable at 2am. NONE.

3) Strategic Drinking

This works threefold: 1 – the important aspect of pre-drinking. Get your vodka jacket on and get you in the mood for heading out into the cold. 2 – take a hipflask. No harm in saving in a bit of money and keeping yourself topped up. Always good if you’re heading out to fireworks or something outside! 3 – Pick a time and just drink water afterwards. Sounds prudish, but I’m not going to condone binge drinking, plus I am Queen Hangover and would be a billion times worse if I didn’t have a self-imposed water o’clock.

4) Company
I’ve spent NYEs with 1 person and 25 people. It’s difficult if you’re like me and have friends dotted all over the country, but ultimately it’s the company you keep on the evening that make the whole night. Don’t get forced into going to a party with someone who will ditch you when you get there. Christmas is about family, NYE is about friends. 

I’m aware I sound like a moany old trout in this post. I’m not fussed about going out at all. But that doesn’t mean I want to be sat at home alone when the clock strikes midnight! This year I’m going to one of my best mates’ flats for a few bevvies. Warm, cheap and friendly – onto a winner!

Whatever you’re up to this NYE, I hope you have a Happy New Year! Thanks for reading my little blog and I hope you come back in 2012!


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