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As anyone who knows me will tell you, I am a closet geek. Well, closet in the way that I don’t wear massive glasses or know Klingon. Aside from that I’m pretty out and proud in my geekiness. Interrupt me while I’m watching Sherlock and I’ll bite your head off, and heaven forbid you should touch my scrapbooks without asking. I’ve also recently found that if you knit on the tube at 23 years old you get some inquisitive looks (and sometimes questions).

But I’m not alone. Of course I have friends with the same interests and likes as me, but it all started at home. I’m from a family of geeks and my God we’re proud of it. I was brought up on a healthy dose of Monty Python films and most importantly, Dr Who. My mum even made my little sister this amazing Tardis shaped birthday cake last year:

Last week we all ventured to the Dr Who Experience at Kensington Olympia for my stepdad’s birthday, and I honestly think we were more excited than most of the kids there! I mean, there was a TARDIS ON THE ROOF! Of course it was going to be amazing!

Unfortunately we couldn’t take pictures in the actual Experience, but it was brilliant! We were led into a cinema style room where we watched The Doctor tell us that he was locked in the Pandorica 2 and he needed us to find the Tardis to help him escape. Then, as if by magic, the Tardis appeared beside us! Not a projection, but a very cleverly hidden trick which then opened its doors and we had to go inside. And the best bit? IT WAS BIGGER ON THE INSIDE! A complete replica of the inside of the Tardis complete with typewriter and hot and cold taps attached to the centre. The floor moved and shaked while we were instructed to take control until we ‘crashed’.

Like little kids we skipped through the Tardis doors and then ran through the forest where the Weeping Angels stood. (Don’t blink!!) We were given glasses to protect us from radiation which conveniently allowed us to see all the 3D monsters that were climbing out of the screen in front of us. It was fun and childish, a little bit scary and so perfectly replicated that geeks like me and my family couldn’t fault its execution.

After the walk through experience there was a full blown museum full of original artifacts, costumes and best of all, monsters. The pics only show a small selection of the fabulous things we saw.

And finally, we rounded the day off with a family photo. I’ve snapped a pic of the keyring I got with it on so it’s not the best quality, but hopefully you’ll be able to see just how far we ventured into deep space!

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