Explore: Musical Bingo at Mahiki

If you’re thinking this post will be about grannies, two little ducks and musty village halls then Musical Bingo will blow your mind. I’m not a ‘club’ person, and I’m more than happy to stay in and play board games if I’m totally honest so this is essentially my perfect night out! Held at celebrity haunt Mahiki the concept is simple. Rather than crossing off numbers, you cross of the songs that are played by the DJ – one, two, three lines or a full house and you get prizes. Simple!

The night was fronted by the uber glamorous Lola Hi Rola, who was more than encouraging when we decided we wanted to move from dancing in our seats to busting some moves on the dancefloor!

Being in Mahiki we had to take advantage of the amazing cocktails on offer – all served in bizarre glasses with all sorts of things poking out of the top. We had a Poisoned Chalice and a couple of Lover’s Cups, both served in huge fish bowls with ridiculous straws for sharing.

There was a lot of dancing to a huge mix of songs from M.I.A. to Rage Against the Machine and pretty much every genre and decade in between. There was a point where I felt it necessary to dance on stage, I’m not entirely sure why but hey, it’s all in the name of bingo right?! One of my fabulous friends even went up to compete in a hula hooping challenge and won one of the famous Mahiki treasure chest cocktails!

And obviously it was a game after all so there had to be prizes! Aside from the treasure chest cocktail we weren’t particularly lucky with what we won. Our haul consisted of 2 Superted DVDs, one packet of Pombear crisps and a Matt Cardle autobiography… don’t be jealous now!

The atmosphere for the whole night was fantastic, we laughed and danced and drank and danced and hula hooped and eventually stumbled home bouncing like excited toddlers that had had too much sugar. Musical Bingo have a new residency at Mahiki and will be there once a month. I’ll see you there!

Photos are by me or from the Musical Bingo Facebook page.


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