Music: Girls Rock! Part 2

Last week I wrote about some of my favourite girl bands to prove skeptics wrong about female musicians. I was already convinced, and so it seemed were many of you. Thanks for all the tweets about this, it was great to see a lot of you feel the same, or were at least willing to give some of those listed a try! As I put the post together I realised that were loads more bands I wanted to list, so here is Part II of Girls Rock! I could do about 8 parts to this post but I’m not going to milk the topic, however do let me know if there’s anyone you feel really deserves a mention!

Karen O and the Kids

More known for being the front woman for Yeah Yeah Yeahs, 
this incarnation of KO is more laid back and still that little
bit odd. Glorious. 

Stand out track: All is Love

The Long Blondes

Northern indie rock, catchy sing-a-long type stuffs.

Stand out track: Lust in the Movies


80s pop with dubstep infusions and funky RnB vocals

Stand out track: L.E.S. Artistes

The Pipettes

Indie pop full of doo wops and sha la la’s

Stand out track: Pull Shapes


As if you need persuading. Just LOOK at her! She oozes brilliance!

Stand out track: Train


Canadian indie schmindies. Sometimes too high pitched to sing
along to.

Stand out track: Monster Hospital

Bat For Lashes

Ethereal wispy beautiful music with haunting vocals

Stand out track: Horse & I

She & Him

Zooey Deschanel & M Ward couldn’t be anymore twee. Seriously.

Stand out track: Sing


The most mainstream of cool female hip hop females (and
therefore the only one I know). I may sound stupid saying
it, but she is fierce.

Stand out track: Bamboo Banga

Queen Adreena

Mental. Seriously unhinged front woman. Best listened to when
really bloody angry.

Stand out track: I Adore You