Music: Girls Rock!

I can’t even begin to total up the amount of times people (male and female) have said to me that they don’t like any female fronted bands or artists. I think there can only be one reason for this: you haven’t looked hard enough. Because really there are actually a ton of talented ladies out there, putting the men to shame.

Music is one area where women aren’t being overshadowed, they are equal and sometimes better than men. Pop is a prime example of this with Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Jessie J dominating the radio and the charts, and I do love a good pop song.

However, my music taste is often a little more…eclectic, and there’s plenty out there for me. So this To-Do List Tuesday, make a note of these, download them, and change your damn mind! Oh and there’s so many that I’ve split this post into two. See Part II next week!

(in no particular order)


Synthy, electronic, 80s throwbacks

Stand out track: Destroy Everything You Touch

Camera Obscura

Quirky, light and catchy

Stand out track: French Navy

Emmy the Great

Gentle folksy type songs with adorable lyrics

Stand out track: Paper Forest

Amanda Palmer

Cabaret punk fury. Real and unadulterated brilliance.

Stand out track: Leeds United

Au Revoir Simone

Think spring evenings and floral dresses, but the musical form.

Stand out track: Sad Song

Bitter Ruin

Delicate and scary all at once. Give me shivers. (Oh and they
played a gig in my living room about 2 years ago!)

Stand out track: Trust

Le Tigre

Fresh from the Riot Grrl era, annoying punk and electro pop to
play loudly

Stand out track: Deceptacon

Lykke Li

Beautiful Nordic catchiness

Stand out track: Dance, Dance, Dance

Who are your favourite women in music? Don’t forget I’ll have Part II of Girls Rock next Tuesday!