Music: This Week’s Obsessions

In the last week or so I have been utterly consumed by an obsession with two songs.

The first is Meds and Feds by M.I.A.. This song is just so catchy, and is delightfully dark and dirty. It makes me want to run around and dance frantically – but as I’m normally at my desk when I listen to it on repeat, this probably isn’t a good idea. It’s a good healthy mix of guitar and big big bass and just makes you want to move. I challenge you to listen to it without even tapping your foot.

The second is Dance the Way I Feel by Ou est le Swimming Pool. The song reminds me initially of 80s style Soft Cell or Human League with lots of synths, but the vocals are inherently 21st century. A bit shouty, that kind of annoying singing you can imagine kids in a garage doing at band practice after school. But that isn’t a bad thing! It feels new and although it has clear influences, it’s different, and that is very special nowadays. Such a shame about the loss of the lead singer in 2010, this band would have been huge. Regardless, this song is right up there at the moment as one of my favourite songs ever. 

Let me know what you think of these two!

You can see all the songs I have an unhealthy obsession with on my Put These Songs on Repeat playlist on Spotify