Shopping: A Market Stall Accessories Find

As I think I’ve mentioned before, I work perilously close to Spitalfields Market and I often love to wander around there on my lunch break to look at the antiques and vintage clothes. I managed to refrain from buying a gorgeous leather vanity case, because let’s be honest, I DON’T need it. Check me out with my willpower.

So I rewarded myself with this tiny little hat pin, handmade and unique from a small stall in the market.

I don’t wear hats but I’m going to pin this onto tops, lapels and coats – it’s a perfect neutral colour so it’ll go with everything. And yes, that is a skull on the top. Alexander McQueen eat your heart out!

This is a really tiny pin, maybe 3 inches long. Petite, a bit odd, individual and only £8. I’ll keep you updated with any more of my market stall finds from my lunchtime distractions!


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