Shopping: Urban Outfitters Jewellery (again!)

Why is it that I never seem to have a well balanced ratio of gold and silver jewellery? It always seems to be masses of one or the other. At the moment it’s pretty much all gold, but I just find it so much easier to find decent gold jewellery than silver, I think silver can sometimes end up looking tacky if it’s costume (which is mostly what I wear).

Good old Urban Outfitters came to the rescue once again on a lunchtime ramble last week. This one was only £8 in the sale and looks simple because of its length but is busy without being fussy further down.




And this second one I’ve seen a few times on various blogs but wasn’t sure where it was from so when I saw it I actually got quite excited and couldn’t resist passing it up.



I love the trend at the moment of having shirts done up right up with a necklace round the collar, and I’m going to do exactly that with this and a denim shirt. Cowboy geek chic for £14 – woo!


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