Explore: Spitalfields Market

I’m due to start a new job this week and I’m very excited about it. But there are two downsides: 1) The obligatory ‘I’m going to miss my old colleagues’ lament. 2) I will no longer be within kicking distance of Spitalfields Market.

London is full of amazing markets: Borough for food, Portobello Road for bric-a-brac, Camden for alternative bizarreness, Colombia Road for flowers. But Spitalfields is my favourite. Depending on the day you visit you could be treated to some amazing antiques, fascinating photos or amazing vintage or independent clothing stalls. I’ve recently bought some beautiful jewellery from there (which I’ll blog about separately on a later date), and if you’re looking for something new, something specialist, or just something that nobody else has, then Spitalfields is the place.

Knowing that I wasn’t going to be as much of a frequent visitor anymore I zipped around and took some snaps of some of the curios I found on a lunchtime wander. I hope they persuade you to pay a visit to the market soon! And don’t forget, the market is around the corner from the amazing vintage shops of Brick Lane and Redchurch Street! East London really is a haven for some amazing shopping.







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