Shopping: American Apparel Sale Finds

Skipping down Oxford Street recently (it had been a particularly good day), I found myself being drawn into American Apparel – a store that I normally avoid due to everything being a bit hipster for my liking, and I’m just not cool enough (or thin enough) to pass most of it off. The big SALE signs probably helped my decision.

As someone who shops on a budget, the chain has never really welcomed my purse but I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality of their sale. Almost the entire store was taken over by it and there was such a choice! I normally get my basics from H&M, but AA’s always fit so much better, and they have such a good range of plain tees, belts and leggings to use as a base for your next outfit.

I was so excited to find this skirt reduced to £22:

My quest for a plain black pleated skirt has been a tiresome one. I have scoured high street shops, second hand stores and all over the internet for a skirt without embellishment, without leather panelling, that didn’t feel cheap, goes with everything and cover my arse (at 5ft 10″ I often struggle to find skirts and dresses that preserve my modesty). You wouldn’t think it would be so hard but my goodness! And here it was, it was fate. I had to buy it. 

My second find was this top reduced to just £8!:

I think it looks like it could be vintage, with the material and the candy stripes. I’m not really one for purple, I never really feel comfortable in it. But this small accent makes me very happy, and the top looks ace tucked into my faithful high waisted skinnies.

I didn’t really need these finds to make me an AA convert, it’s just been my bank balance that’s stopped me shopping there before. But next time they have a sale, just you try and hold me back!

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