Shopping: S/S12 at George for Asda

I love my vintage finds and premium labels (more to look at than buy though!), but I have my fair share of high street and yes, even supermarket bargains when it comes to clothes. The Asda store in Milton Keynes is absolutely huge and has a massive George clothing section which I’ve happily browsed when I’m back visiting my parents, but I’ve never been so impressed with their range as I have this season! 

I could have easily spent £100 in there, but managed to limit myself to these few pieces (and thanks to my mum for putting up with me being in the changing room for a good 20 minutes!).

This gorgeous floral top could have been found in
a vintage store, but instead was just £9 in Asda!

I absolutely adore this embellished print, it’s so hard to believe
it was only £8!

This top reminds me of the art deco staging at
the Florence & Machine gig I went to last week!

I love cobalt blue for this season, and these
ankle grazing trousers are going to be perfect
for spring with some brogues.

In total I only spent £40! There were numerous other things I wanted to get including this amazing pastel blouse, but they didn’t have it in my size. I tried to get it online but annoyingly it’s so great that Grazia have featured it so I doubt I’ll ever get it now!

I will definitely be going back to Asda to check out more of their Spring Summer collection soon, and can’t wait to start wearing my new pieces!

Last photo from George. All other photos property of Shopped and Dropped, do not re-use without permission.