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I’m back from a holiday in the beautiful Lake District, back to reality and wishing I was still lounging in the sun in the middle of the countryside. I’ve been there a number of times and although it’s always been lovely, it has always been freezing cold and windy with a scientifically bizarre sort of horizontal rain that hits you right in the side of your face.

This time however, someone was smiling down on the North West, and we had glorious sunshine for the whole week! When I say we, that’s me, the boyfriend, and the dog. This is Molly:

So cute, but with breath that can melt your face. Someone needs some Dentastix!

This is the cottage we stayed in:

We spent our evenings in front of the fire, eating and drinking too much and watching DVDs which was exactly my type of holiday. Sadly Billy and the dog both had other ideas for the daytime that included a lot of walking, normally uphill. I’m not the most…athletic…of people, but I don’t mind taking the dog for a stroll. Turns out that my lovely boyfriend decided that what I really needed to do was climb a mountain. An actual proper mountain. Urgh. Here he is, plotting my demise…

It took us 2.5hrs to get up there, and as I’d only packed jeans and jumpers in preparation for the normal Lake District weather I had to buy a pair of rather fetching Lycra trousers to walk in. Here’s me at the top, but ignore the trousers and check out the view!


In return for making me climb up Helvellyn, I made Billy promise me 3 things: 1) a Solero 2) a boat trip and 3) a cream tea. I’m pleased to say that he delivered on all three! The dog hated the boat and proceeded to lie on the floor and shaking which made it pretty hard to draaaaaaaag her off the thing for her 4 hour walk. That bit she liked. And I liked the cake!


Hope everyone got to enjoy the sunshine as much as I did!

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