Explore: Marilyn Monroe Exhibition at Getty Gallery, London

Marilyn Monroe is one of those names that has gone down in history in association with glamour and beauty, and regardless if you’ve never seen any of her films, you’ll still know exactly who she is. The exhibit currently on at the Getty Gallery in central London showcases stunning and intimate photographs of Marilyn at her most vulnerable, both on set, behind the scenes, and at home.

I hadn’t realised that the exhibition wasn’t just photos, it also has a number of original outfits worn by Monroe in some of her most famous roles. 

To see this dress from Some Like it Hot literally made me do a squeal of excitement. I know every line in that film and have watched it more times than I care to remember, and I could just picture Marilyn in the barely there frock on the mannequin in front of me. Amazing.

The Getty Gallery is a tiny space on Eastcastle St, a stones throw from Oxford Street and the exhibit is free. On until 23rd May so go on your lunch break or take a wander on a Saturday afternoon to get away from the crowds.

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