Food: Tapped & Packed

One thing I love about working in central London is if you need something you can get it. One of the world’s most famous shopping streets is just around the corner from my office, but I’m not here to talk about tourist traps. The best thing about working so centrally is that you get to discover the amazing places hidden in London’s side streets, away from the crowds and loved by locals.

My latest discovery is the coffee shop Tapped and Packed on Rathbone St.

It is the most unassuming place, I wasn’t initially even sure if I should go in. But the sparse interior is full of little treasures and attention to detail that I love. The milk bottles were adorable, and the vintage teaspoons in the empty treacle tins that held the coarse brown sugar made me completely snap happy!

I’m not a coffee drinker, instead I was after the cake! Look at this Victoria sponge, the portion is ridiculous! I ended up taking the rest back to my colleague as I couldn’t finish it!

Tapped & Packed is on Rathbone Place and now on Tottenham Court Road – a much better (and cheaper) alternative to a boring old Starbucks.

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