Fashion: My three dream purchases

I’m not a fashion expert, I don’t pretend to be. I, like most other females, love to shop, love clothes, and I lovelovelove getting a bargain. And that’s the main premise of this blog really, the bargains that I find and sharing them with other thrifty/poor shoppers. However, I’m not going to act like I wouldn’t like certain items if I had the money. I read all the magazines and there’s always something new and shiny that I lust after, but despite the fleeting fashion romances there are a couple of luxury items that my mind always wanders back to and would be my first purchases if I had a lottery win.

1) The classic Burberry trench coat is a part of fashion history. Simple and elegant, it’s good for all weather and won’t date. I wore one to a New Year’s Eve party once and hardly paid any attention to the night’s festivities for the fear of losing or spilling something on it.

2) For a long time I was obsessed with the Mulberry Bayswater, but the Travel Day Bag has completely converted me. Every woman knows that finding the right black handbag is impossible. Just like finding the ultimate pair of jeans or the comfiest bra. I know that if I had this bag that my search would be over!

3) I’ve got so many black boots – military style, round toe, calf length. But I could actually get rid of all of them if I had a pair of Acne Pistols. Genuinely. When a colleague showed me her pair at lunch the other day I almost rugby tackled her to the floor (she looked about a size 7 too!).

A girl can dream!